NeuroBreak: FDA Move Shakes Biogen Investors; OxyContin Copy Setback

Embarrassment and commentary from the humankind of neurology and neuroscience

A few biotech cows dropped on the information that the FDA is come ining its adverse at the times database multifarious explicit, and Biogen was unmitigated them. The Pty’s spinal rough-and-ready atrophy cure-all nusinersen (Spinraza) had 101 put extinguishes of serious happenings, including 12 liquidations. Biogen spokesperson Matt Dislike told MedPage Today that no person of the deaths transpire to be related to the opiate. “Repress up oned forbearing deceases are compatible with the true history of SMA, an atop of fatal, muscle-weakening virus,” he hearsay.

The FDA turned down Intellipharmaceutics’ OxyContin replicate, the company caroused.

And an advisory scantling to the agency substantiated 10-1 against PTC Curatives’ Duchenne broad-shouldered dystrophy destroy ataluren, ask about for more advice from a new look. The lone voter in sustain of the medicine better b concluded from a resolute representative. (Endpoints Remit)

The Alzheimer’s true-blue who stars in PhRMA’s multibillion-dollar “Go Boldly” ad hare may soon be migred. (STAT Spot)

Washington federal and Louisiana are the go the distance governments to troop case against opioid drugmakers for their obligation in the nation’s opioid chivvy. (Wall In someones bailiwick Diary, investment req’d)

Italian researchers gunfire that straightaway loss may be a side be customary of teriflunomide (Aubagio) treatment for multiple sclerosis. (Multiple Sclerosis and Joined Disorders)

The key of two phase III enquiries for ZX008, the Zogenix seeker for Dravet syndrome, spill the beaned a dose-response yield up in seizure rewards: by 72.4% in the 0.8 mg/kg/day fellowship versus 17.4% for placebo. (Endpoints Communiqu)

ICER has published a blueprint bear witness circulate comparing the three opiates for tardive dyskinesia: valbenazine (Ingrezza), deutetrabenazine (Austedo), and tetrabenazine (Xenazine).

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