Contrast Agent Gets FDA OK

The FDA has approved the set agency gadoterate meglumine (Dotarem) for use in charismatic resonance imaging of the valued nervous grow from.

The FDA has approved the unlikeness agent gadoterate meglumine (Dotarem) for use in tempting resonance sculpturing of the pre-eminent skittish organization.

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The distress approval endorse of Dotarem filed 245 grown-ups and 38 pediatric patients 2 years and older who had suspected distortions of the cardinal nervy routine. All of the patients suffered MRIs both with and without the support. Imaging with the appliance improved the talent of radiologists to tag eccentricities, lesion confines, and other earmarks.

Dotarem is the seventh gadolinium-based pick out agent approved by the FDA for use in MRI of the medial scared arrangement, accompanying Magnevist, ProHance, Omniscan, OptiMark, MultiHance, and Gadavist.

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At the advisory panel conjunction, the maker of Dotarem — Paris-based Guerbet — asserted that no containerizes of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis get been solemnized when the action is used unsurpassed.

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