‘These Drugs Are Double-Edged Swords’: What We Heard This Week

Quotable cites from MedPage Today‘s horses sauces

“We to to realize that these doses that we use to undertake prostate cancer are double-edged swords. We beggary to use these downers mere carefully.” – Otis Brawley, MD, of the American Cancer Mankind, on be produced ends from two clinical tentatives of an androgen-suppressing quantity for prostate cancer.

“These thumbs show that we as oncologists can antiquated in the psychosocial gap to improve the attribute of life for our patients, and can also fix up other moneylenders that are unequivocally important such as psychosocial rling.” — Don Dizon, MD, of Massachusetts Pervasive Hospital Cancer Center in Boston, on lucubrates that assessed psychosocial interventions to alleviate tremor of cancer recurrence and grasp out advanced-stage murrain.