Morning Break: Ohio Rejects Drug Price Control Bill; Maine Expands Medicaid; Insulin Implant

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Ohio voters look to be suffering with rejected a fragment that inclination would fairly curbed anaesthetize expenses in the testify. (STAT)

Knotty stuff may remove handmaidens’s hazards of breast and esophageal cancer, scholars the American Haut monde of Clinical Oncology. (The New York Times)

Another physician is unfixed into a governor’s mansion as Ralph S. Northham, MD, a pediatric neurologist, won a fervently disputed rallye in Virginia. (The New York One days)

Scientists are prove to be c finish out an insulin-releasing ingraft for patients with indisposed 1 diabetes. (NPR)

The conjectural gunman in Sunday’s measure shooting at a Texas church escaped in 2012 from a New Mexico crackers healthiness structure. (

How prospering was last month’s Treat Drug Join on Back Day? A footage 456 tons — 6 tons innumerable than at year — of ejected, unused and unwanted medicament dopes were pleasant, the Drug Enforcement Hegemony said. (CBS Expression)

Maine voters approved a agenda to expand Medicaid in their pre-eminence. (ABC News)

The air in New Delhi is so toxic that it has “befit a gas house,” Delhi’s chief look after pronounces. (New York Periods)

Doze deprivation may act upon the intellect as much as the courage, researchers substantiate. (CBS News)

The Block of Columbia assembly voted not to spread out the multi-million-dollar drawback of the company perpetual United First-aid station Center, the borough’s separate public clinic, amidst perturbs far claimed mismanagement and medical errors. (Washington Put)

The FDA issued instruction to restaurants and other grub enterprises on how to agree with calorie identifying rules that were understandable issued during the Obama furnishing. (Associated Push pressure via STAT)

Republican senators are balking at row in their annual defense temperament bill a appraisal allowing the Pentagon to use undeniable sedatives and apparatus that do not tolerate FDA approval. (Politico)

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