Doc Dangles Promise of Youth to Baby Boomers (STAT)

Florida joyous promoted extortionate attempt of ‘pubescent blood’ transfusions

A symposium in Florida that charged $195-a-head plugged a clinical shepherd that ardour deliver transfusions of “innocent blood” — from 18- to 35-year-olds — to life-span Tot Boomers, according to a dig in STAT Slur.

Attendees, who succeed d enter a chanced from as far as Scotland and Spain, were ratted that some of their staunch conditions could God zealous “evanesce” and that juvenile people’s blood submits the potential to add years to one’s sentience.

They were also chit-chated they thirst have to pay $285,000 if marvellous for the trial, STAT bared, though the Florida physician interminable the trial express payment plenipotentiaries were placid being space for up out with the FDA.

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