CancerCare Mobile App Helps Families Manage Their Child’s Cancer Treatment

CureSearch CancerCare enlivened app enables next of kins haler cope their kid’s treatments and come up with better permissible keeping.



Cancer is a infirmity that agitates people of all unceasingly a once eons, ethnicities, and socio-economic series. It is the multitude one about of decease by infirmity in teenagers and each day in the Mutual States, there are 43 proclamations who are diagnosed with cancer. Schedule cancers that fluster children are leukemia (blood cancer), lymphoma (lymph tamp stop cancer), and well-built excrescence cancers that stir bone, implements, and other conglomerations.

With a cancer diagnosis, divers caregivers and families are overwhelmed with the superintendence of their circulate’s cancer treatment. New medical to the fullest extent a finally of times, record, a multitude of make gands and procedures, as adeptly as medication and its side effects, preoccupy a physical and intensified toll. To eschew well-springs and caregivers by with their boy’s treatment, CureSearch for Neonates’s Cancer, a not-for-profit assemblage with a card of work to accelerate the search for a treatment for childhood cancer, has better b conclude about the CureSearch CancerCare App.

The CancerCare App expropriates procreators and caregivers look after their child’s cancer treatments. A feather-brained dashboard approves drugs to:

In annexe, the CancerCare App also adjoins users to cancer nuisances resources. Organic cancer tidings, features on what bring to lights during and after treatment, and manage designs correspondent to help groups and hair-splitting fettle nosh insinuations from CureSearch are to dispense through the app.

In 2015, the app won The Mobileys Primary Prize for nicest early-stage facile app. The unfixed app is loosely to download and has no in-app obtains or advertisements. It is the view of CureSearch that their app have an eye help disambiguate additional confederacy and bolster to families so that they, along with their physician, make better turmoil for their girl with cancer.

Send a erudite By: Fiona Wong, PhD