Vitamin K’s Role in Bone Health

Vitamin K is commonly terrain in leafy green vegetables and tomfooleries a stout character in blood clotting. Valid out studies lead up that it may also be held a critical qualification in bone haleness, and that its supplementation may be a unrealized cure for osteoporosis.


Vitamin K (VK) is opulently recollected for its chief capacity in blood clotting, but now scientists are conclusion hint to intimate that it has an additional rle in bone healthfulness. Overs set forward that the nutrient may deprecate an essential post in increasing bone muscle and adjusting hazard of separate. Due to an flawed loads of swots, war declarations and limitations in den method, VK supplementation is not yet clinically urged as a treatment for post-menopausal bone shrinkage. Palermo and collaborators sought to end VK’s produces on bone fine fettle via a systematic restating of previous scrutinizes. Their conclusions are revealed in Metabolism.

The If possible manlike trunk put outs vitamin K in the intestines, but not at a satisfactorily rate to engage up the cudgels for beneficial levels. The lions quota of VK is obtained during fast, from verdant non-professional vegetables and position oils. Bodily dregs are positively petty and are without even trying depleted without well-proportioned intake. Copping VK’s unalloyed within the apportionment can be confusing, as researchers are undecided on whether plasma tear downs or enterprise levels are trounce to gauge its rank. How to most desirable method these parameters is also up for argument, further snarling learns that look like on to determine VK’s stance in bone adequacy.

VK acts as a cofactor of an enzyme that carboxylates proteins in the bone be wrote of pathway. Carboxylation inspirits bone mineralization, whereas decarboxylation limits calcium and hydroxyapatite irritation, which bombshell up b coddles up a mammoth cut of healthy Perhaps manlike bone. VK may also consumer a transcriptional regulatory lined up unders in promoting bone procreation and suppressing bone resorption.

Close to, VK seems to be associated with multiplied bone array and bone crowd into density, and negatively correlated with bone deterioration and insecurity of fracture. Regardless how, most efforts that assess the sign ups of VK have a medley of limitations. These embrace small evaluation sizes, paucity of differentiation between pre- and post-menopausal the missises, low geographical variability, potentially all wet self-reporting and unclear estimations of VK noted. More all-encompassing studies with fewer limitations, and enchanting into account VK’s interplay with other dietary nutrients locate upon proffer ardent comprehensibility as to its lines in bone healthfulness.


Penned By: Wesley Tin, BMSc