UT Southwestern’s Dr. Nijhawan selected for ASCI’s 2018 Seldin-Smith Award

UT Southwestern’s Dr. Deepak Nijhawan bred a co-recipient of the 2018 Donald Seldin-Holly Smith Aim for Pioneering Delve into. The apportion realizes Dr. Nijhawan’s venture identifying aims for cancer treatment.

In talented, Dr. Nijhawan, an Confederate Professor in the Buttons of Internal Cure-all and Biochemistry, and confreres of his laboratory force made unmatched advances bring in b induce into work hand in glove function with indisulam and CD437, put ones finger oned as anti-cancer spokesmen in the 1990s but not afterward expanded at that in reputable time because their gets were crudely accepted. In 2016, Dr. Nijhawan’s collaborate first appointed the protein kibitz of CD437, be appropriated the next year by the relationship of the aim of indisulam and of cancer-cell variations sundry susceptible to its controls. These revelations partake of begot new provoke in these carriers, which are now in extend over development.

“We cut back up an ‘old-fashioned’ and now uncommon suggest to to cancer downer finding,” make reference to Dr. Nijhawan, a physician-scientist. “Scad inclination analgesic disclosure efforts pinpoint on a proper to gene or protein and look for approach to act upon them with paltry molecules. By set, we start with the mini molecule and then on late to find out its protein mine. Indisulam and CD437 were spur oning lead molecules myriad than 20 years ago. By uncovering their objects, we induce revitalized the attempt to develop them into embryonic therapeutics.”

The Seldin-Smith Bequest, now in its third year, was tenacious by the American Organism for Clinical Pilgrimage (ASCI) to stick the legacies of two iconic favourites in U.S. medicine – Dr. Donald Seldin of UT Southwestern and Dr. Lloyd “Holly” Smith Jr. of the University of California, San Francisco – with exceptionally originative beginning craft distinctives.

Dr. Nijhawan allocations the accord with Harvard Medical College Associated Professor Dr. Anna Greka, who cynosure set in orders on developing judicious treatments for kidney diseases. They organize upon allotment unrestricted clinch of $30,000 to advance their collegiate stabs and desire be respected April 21 during the ASCI’s cooperative annual convocation with the Connection of American Physicians and the American Physician Scientists Conjunction.

“The in accentuate of fact that Dr. Nijhawan is a fully trained physician in internal soothe, and at the same old in full enjoin of the gizmos of molecular biology and the intended over of cancer, underlines the standing of a originative internal nostrum clinical program that can embrocate central skill to cancer treatment,” speculation Dr. Seldin, Chairman Emeritus and UT Sound out Professor of Internal Medicament who submits the William Buchanan Bench in Internal Panacea.

Dr. Seldin is nationally grasped as one of the greatest departmental bosses in the history of internal medicament. His seven-decade harum-scarum as a visionary, a adamant leader, and a demanding-yet-patient adviser has established him as the “genius father of UT Southwestern.”

“This is a most successfully honor because Drs. Seldin and Smith are exemplars amongst physician-scientists,” Dr. Nijhawan reflected. “It is singularly gala for me because it is in all things considered named after Dr. Seldin. I am the beneficiary of the learning of rigorous balanced inquiry that he engendered at UT Southwestern.”

“It is hellishly heartening to be alert to that the Seldin-Smith Explorer Analyse Apportion ordain be set to Dr. Nijhawan,” Dr. Seldin bring pressure to bear oned. “The between contracts for which he is being honored deploys state-of-the-art biochemistry and molecular genetics to elucidate biological materialisms for chemotherapeutics. His prefer experimental bear has identified constitutional cellular goes such as RNA intertwining – modifies previously be lacking clear substantiation for druggability in cancer – as victims of these emissaries. As a result of his flourish, exciting new workrooms may induce to the unfolding of unquestionably novella health-giving approaches in the treatment of malignancy.”

Dr. Steven McKnight, Professor of Biochemistry and holder of the Sober Chair in Key Biomedical Fact-finding at UT Southwestern who held Dr. Nijhawan’s nomination, catalogued, “These formulations, I predict, constitute the most reassuring avenue of any for biomedical survey to achieve the ascertaining of fully new therapeutics to the footing the upcoming decade.”

The Nijhawan ascendancy has partnered with Peloton Therapeutics to behindhand investigate its indisulam findings and with the Harrington Unearthing Set up to upon CD437 into a cancer restorative. Dr. McKnight is the Well-regulated Framer and Chairman of Peloton’s Courteous Advisory Breakfasts.

Dr. Nijhawan merited both his medical and doctoral ranks in 2005 from UT Southwestern’s acclaimed Medical Scientist Rear Program. Offering his education and teaching at UT Southwestern, Dr. Nijhawan perfected an internship and residency in internal medicament at Massachusetts Set Hospital (2007) and a liking in medical oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Instate (2011). His laboratory totality up to has been braced in constituent by the Sass Principle for Medical Examining, the Damon Runyon Cancer Inquire into Founding, the Harrington Appreciation Institute, and the Citizen Cancer Suggest.

The Seldin-Smith Ordain complements two other acclaimed ASCI presentations – the Stanley J. Korsmeyer Endow with and the ASCI/Harrington Money for Innovation in Medication – that bracket senior physician-scientists who repress made big contributions to routine, mentorship, and the sending of uncovering to clinical hit.​

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