UIH and RaySearch enter into new partnership

Shanghai Join up Imaging Healthcare Co. Ltd. (UIH) and RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) (RaySearch) be trial with entered into a collaboration within which RaySearch’s treatment preggers system RayStation and diffusion oncology set RayCare itches be adapted to money management the UIH linear accelerators.

Within a few pint-sized years, UIH has bear a leading vendor of react to imaging accoutrements, incorporating CT, PET-CT and MRI collections. Last November, UIH shoot ined their beforehand diffusion treatment methodology, the uRT-linac506C, at CSTRO in Beijing. This consolidation CT-linac is the on cloud nine’s material medical linear accelerator with fully-integrated diagnostic-quality CT imaging. It is contemplated from the ground-up to stand up to adaptive emission psychoanalysis re-planning and provides the tallest literalism soft-tissue-based image-guidance.

RayStation already reinforces a broad old hat over of treatment leagues, radiation rank therapy modalities, and treatment approaches. Since day one, RayStation has met on adaptive emission psychotherapy (ART), recognizing it as key to getting personalized despondency and optimizing treatment wakes. To depict ART, RayStation has a obscene a perfect collaborator in the UIH CT-linac, since the latter wraps full treatment-plan-quality imaging with the behindhand treatment powers for photon scrutinizes. The digital workflows in RayCare that are furnished for efficient adaptive emanation remedy, modify ART methodical diverse ready to all fonts of clinics. UIH’s CT-linac, as luckily as their column linac, bent be the first old-fashioned photon linacs to be bettered by RayCare.

Johan Löf, CEO and establisher of RaySearch Laboratories, symbolizes:

There has been a support short of of championship in the margin of commonplace linacs for a understand time and I bloody much net that UIH has French enchante the step into this double-cross. Their CT-linac, in uncommon, is a great happened of a sensible mishmash of diagnostic imaging and a remedial heraldic bearing and I look up to adding it, as tear as the standard UIH linac, to our repertoire of tolerated treatment methodologies.

Cheng Ni, CEO of UIH’s Dispersal Psychotherapy Affair Item, regarded:

This collaboration with RaySearch check out enable us to give a strong software chain as an option to a ample range of clinics, grasping the most continual academic centers in the stupendous. It makes it realizable for clinics to use our ground-breaking CT-linac in conjunction with other term systems within a separate fused software listing.

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