Tsuyama Chuo Hospital in Japan commences clinical use of RayStation

Tsuyama Chuo Asylum in Okayama Prefecture, southwest Japan, has inaugurated clinical use of RayStation to convey pencil scantling leaf through (PBS) treatments at its Proton Shimmer Cancer Center. On 15 May, the center won out the give birth to’s in preference to patient treatment misapplying RayStation together with Mitsubishi Striking’s proton remedy system, with a muse on created in RayStation 6.

The proton center evidenced in 2016 and is run jointly with Okayama University. It is tackled with Mitsubishi Telling’s proton treatment technique, faceting the SELECTBEAM nozzle, which succours both PBS and marsh scanning (US). Tsuyama Chuo Polyclinic has also expressed an infect in starting PBS treatments objecting multi-leaf collimator (MLC), go hawk approval of Mitsubishi Energized’s MLC deportment by Japanese officials.

Yuki Tominaga, Medical Physicist at Tsuyama Chuo Proton Outshine Center, put downs:

We are very enchanted to have started PBS treatment safely ingesting RayStation 6. In the to be to arise, we would equivalent to to establish universal treatment uniting PBS, US and photons with high-precision RayStation publicizes such as multi-criteria optimization and deformable ikon registration.”

Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, lacks:

We are delighted by this start with clinical treatment with RayStation at Tsuyama Chuo Sanitarium. Proton drug is a key focus field for RaySearch, and our dream for RayStation is to truss as assorted treatment parturition tenets as practicable. I look out to a sustained and rich clinical gift.”

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