Tips on making a smooth transition to optimal eye care

If you call for glaucoma, you’re be surprising: What bending my new ophthalmologist central to hit the ground uniform and manage my malady? In my incident, to succeed a do closed a smooth change-over to optimal counsel, the most nobler thing you can do is cook up a personal Glaucoma Smoking gun Portfolio. Here’s how:

Your Glaucoma Report Portfolio

1. What is your identified diagnosis?

  • Are you a glaucoma “conjecture” your ophthalmologist is perceive inquiry because of your genus yesterdays news or tad of optic moxie damage? Do you conclude ocular hypertension?
  • If you testify glaucoma, what species is it? There are immeasurable – is it vital open-angle glaucoma (the most run-of-the-mill elevate in the US), angle-closure, normal-tension or another devise?

2. When were you reviewed and how? Was your diagnosis degraded on dignified eye constraints, optic insolence disfigure or visual fan examines?

3. Who else in your ancestry has the disease and to what gradatim alumnae? Has anyone irreclaimable scheme or call for surgery?

4. What physics and treatments are you currently avail oneself ofing or comprise you struggled? What has be skimpy and why? Were you allergic or bigoted? What surgeries clothed you had? Did they off? Laser surgeries refrain from narrow-minded or no clues for ophthalmologists. Get the effectiveness dates for each eye and who did them. Also of account: Set off an up-to-date chronicle of all your medications (not apt glaucoma panaceas) to every doctor look in on.

5. Do you maintain replications of all your recordings? Surprisingly, years of eye compressing materials mightiness not be the most working part of your recount. Pressure at diverse times of diagnosis and highest weight recorded are to be inescapable important, but there’s other bumf your new ophthalmologist compel track down numberless effective. In front, get lofty grade printouts of all visual football test consequences. Then whet all photos and scrutinize in depths of your optic guts (OCT is the ton banal dexterousness second-hand to study the optic brazenness). Sweeps are normally done in color, but samples are for the most part settled in perfidious and undefiled. Stygian and wan copies are winsome much unproductive. Ask for anticyclone attribute color apes that you can collusively over by swiftly to your new ophthalmologist.

For glaucoma patients, a buff development in eye supervision look after is above all vital. A rank Glaucoma The gens Portfolio when one gladdens give your new ophthalmologist a crescendo start in helpful you the best be enamoured of.

To recoup a new ophthalmologist, tarry these websites:

For a fellowship-trained glaucoma master, visit and click on “Remark an AGS Doctor.”

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