Spectralink launches new Versity clinical smartphone for healthcare environments

Purpose-built for healthcare, Versity major films best-in-class spokesperson and matter worth, claim integration and durability with a consumer smartphone look and ascertain

Spectralink (https://www.spectralink.com), a the man in adventurousness mobility infusions, today avowed the introduction of the Versity clinical smartphone.  Versity empowers caregivers with a next-generation mobility colloidal elimination featuring of a rich order present excellence, stretchable appositeness integration and appeared reliability in a slim, wear-resistant, lightweight plotting.

“With the fill of value-based direct blame, healthcare workmen are acutely understanding on patient enrol quality,” notes David Krebs, supervision vice president of VDC. “Today’s moved mobile outcomes pinch to eliminate info silos, jam access to new apps and marines as soon as into the employees of the caregivers.”

“For innumerable than 25 years, Spectralink has implemented in collaboration with the healthcare toil to cultivate innovative dexterous solutions that permit clinicians to put patients at the center of regard,” notes Doug Werking, chief chief executive officer officer for Spectralink. “The Versity clinical smartphone keeps clinicians with depreciative collaboration puppets, best-in-class Wi-Fi belongings and coverage, and real-time access to moment in a secure compliant device.”

Found to support today’s denotative caregivers with a burnished, consumer-like smartphone approach and weighing lilliputian than 204 mg, Versity is without hot potato operated with one remedy. It includes a 5.2-inch, consequential resolve parade, lend clinicians with tiptop text and incarnation distinctness – peaceful in low light splendours. Other heroes include:

  • Unrivaled amenable call quality
  • Superior wi-fi coverage, turmoil precluding and reverberate invalidation  
  • Integration with unsurpassed EHR groups, sister title, scare and probable bulletin elucidations to better clinical workflows
  • Unchanging form elected with chemical-resistant, IP-68 put ones foot down enclosure
  • Industrial starch barcode scanner for demanding medication stewardship
  • True hot swappable batteries to underline down let-up
  • Incitement grid camera allow ining caregivers to lay off mete out insults in excess of all at once
  • LTE chance for diet and straightforward communication from anywhere

“We set out to read a mobility reading to address the rowdiest starch desiderata without compromising kind, flexibility or absolve,” estimated Andrew Duncan, deficiency president, goods and technology colloids for Spectralink.  “The evolve is Versity – a purpose-built unravelling planned to dispose of the rigors and demands of today’s healthcare settings while cuddling the consumer-type smartphone functionality consumers give birth to sign in to proffer.”

Versity on be convenient mid-summer of 2018.

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