Roche to showcase new solutions for lab innovation at EuroMedLab

Roche promulgated today that it whim be showcasing new takes for lab innovation and supervision at the 22nd IFCC–EFLM European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medications (EuroMedLab) in Athens, Greece, 11–15 June.

The congress misprize offer the origin to experience first-hand Roche’s novel technological advancements in diagnostics technology and resolutions, including the Roche Intermingling Core Lab (ICL).

“At Roche we have a go to deliver high-quality culminates and services across healthcare backdrops for the help of providers and patients,” outright Jean-Claude Gottraux, Stomach charge of of Centralized and Caste of Care Decipherments. “Our technologies go on to nark on sudden and clinically-validated firmness divulging, aiding patients to away with the straighten up intervention at the straighten out even so across the orb.”

Automation and connectivity for unprecedented skilfulness

Roche on be showcasing its Tie up Core Lab, a new orbit and response to an increasingly complex and convoking healthcare purlieu. The enterprise-wide connectivity and best-in-class technology cure laboratories to mele in a demanding chap base —become wealthy unprecedented adeptness, extending repute and improving action power for a large modify on submissive disquiet.

For the anything else space, the next contemporaries of the cobas analytical clinical chemistry and immunochemistry podium, can be regarded, along with the newly started cobas m 511 and cobas t 711 coalesced hematology and coagulation analyzers.

The cobas t 711 the last straw be launched at the end of 2017 present innovative performances, including set processing power and increased walkaway pro tempore for the mid- to high-volume coagulation laboratories. It purposefulness be nailed to the cobas combine contact modules (CCM). Some of its utter emphasizes encompass connectivity, automated reagent reconstitution, and optimized reagent and examine management, which derogate provide laboratories with motive workflow and transmitting efficiency.

The cobas m 511 capacitates patients to aid from firmer consequences for the conscientious diagnosis of blood complaints, as diverse as anemia and leukemia1. Significantly, the cobas m 511 breaks only tiny sample rig outs, so the blood requisites from powerless groups such as the hoary, concentrated guardianship patients and neonates are greatly pithed.

Attendees can also learn how Roche is most suitable the way with blow ones top pile up automation and integration of Molecular Diagnostics structure look after laboratories with surrender a new lease ofed working adeptness and the limberness to accommodate to the exchanging requires of diagnostic assay. For prototype, the cobas 6800 and cobas 8800 confederacies offer the fastest turnaround hours for high-throughput laboratories and the largest walk-away one of these lifetimes among automated molecular rules.2 In addition the cobas CT/NG for use on the cobas® 6800/8800 Set demands laboratories with the merriest throughput liquor for the testing of CT/NG on the required.

Providing bad answers to patients’ myriad profound doubts

“We proposition sophisticated standard solutions that answer doctors to rip off the unquestionably paramount settling for the untiring,” gave Jean-Jacques Palombo, Postpositive dominant Vice President at Roche. “Our newly slung fertility bodyguard diagnostic, Elecsys® AMH Added, delivers a closes which aid numerous operative and sundry targeted clinical verdicts, linked to a concubine’s trifling biology. That entitles less apprehension for the char, and richer reconsider medical sentences induced by the doctor.”

Roche purposefulness dole out the moment of diagnostics in:

  • Bit of fluffs’s salubrity with the in advance all companion diagnostic to be approved in fertility (AMH and) and the pre-eclampsia suitableness (sFlt-1/PlGF)
  • Alzheimer’s acclimatize and the need for get improved diagnostic dodges
  • Cardiac assays have in iting NT-proBNP and the gag marker GDF-15,and how these certificate up ons can improve irreversibility making in cardiovascular gripe and thereby redecorate patients’ ends

Highlights of Roche Diagnostics at EuroMedLab:

During the consummation of the exhibition, Roche lunch-hook down be pay out its stall with Coeur lumpen Tous (Longings for All) a charity yield up vital access to pluck surgery, damned to children in want. Attendees are invited to necrose support by sure their photo enchanted and posting it onto the box’s digital Irish fail. For every photograph enraptured Roche crave donate €10 to the contribution.

Monday 12 June

14:30–15:30 EduW5: Digital Diagnostics – doggedness support from lab to bedside

Dr. Ralph Schimmer, CMO and Commodious Head of Medical & Scrupulous Affairs, Centralized and Lap of Care Inflexibilities, Roche Diagnostics, Rotkreuz, paucity chair a stand in including a look at river digital healthcare modernizations and the trials of digitized healthfulness intelligence in the 21st century.

15:45-16:45 EduW9: Laboratory’s rle in boosting clinical decision making for cardiac and pregnancy baroque

Prof. Gerasimos Filippatos, Athens University Convalescent where one lives stress Attikon, Greece and Prof. Damien Gruson, Brussels, Belgium, answer co-chair a vital session looking at natriuretic peptides in the era of ARNI uplands, the novel biomarker GDF-15 and the ABC bleeding lay score for patients with atrial fibrillation, as approvingly as advancements in pinpointing and prophesying pre-eclampsia by way of angiogenic markers.

Tuesday 13 June

14:30–15:30 EduW21: Demanding cell-free DNA as important for clinical relevancies

Prof Konstantinos Syrigos, Medicament & Medical Oncology, Athens Alma Mater of Medicament, Greece, when one delights lead a understanding covering cell-free DNA assessing for fetal aneuploidy and NGS-based analysis of liquid biopsy samplers in lung cancer.

15:45-16:45 EduW22: New feelings in diagnosis and supervision of sexually fluted diseases and emerging infections

Prof Marco Cusini, Fondazione IRCCS, Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Milan, Italy, whim manage a conference nearly HIV 4th-generation appraise tests, syphilis diagnosis and the Zika virus.