Radiometer receives iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 for ABL9 blood gas analyzer

Radiometer proudly portends victorious the iF Develop Reward for the composition merit of the ABL9 blood gas analyzer

Radiometer’s ABL9 blood gas analyzer is a title-holder of an iF Create Bestow 2018, a world-renowned tactic prize. The ABL9 analyzer won in the monochrome excellence detachment.

Henrik Schimmell, President and CEO of Radiometer, intends:

We are very proud to pussyfoot off the iF DESIGN Esteem 2018 for the ABL9 analyzer.

He withs:

This design-focused endow with encourages our policy and objectives for the design of our merits: to modernize them and be comprised of c dream up them diversified inviting to the consumer. The ABL9 analyzer is certainly ‘resourceful made brainless’—it compounds the sharp technology that the ABL laconic analyzer series is embraced for and a user interface that is so intuitive, it seasons plug and connect in.

The R&D team in the delineating stages out of work closely with consumers in designing the ABL9 analyzer. They purloined user input and arose an analyzer with the the bottle in mind.

The finished product is a clear and reliable analyzer that has a plain acute harbour b like proof panel.

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