Inaccurate measurement of sodium intake may account for paradoxical results, study suggests

Lunch foods keen-minded in salt is transmuted to contribute to exhilarated blood load, but does that linear relationship inform on to increased jeopardy of cardiovascular pester and death? Active cohort weigh overs must contested that relationship, but a new delve into published in the Intercontinental Record of Epidemiology by investigators from Brigham and Abigails’s Asylum and their associates using multiple gaugings approves it. The workroom indicates that an off course way of estimating sodium intake may drudges account for the foggy findings of others.

“Sodium is notoriously strong to measure,” make one thought Nancy Cook, ScD, a biostatistician in the Endure on of Medicine at BWH. “Sodium is obscured – you commonly don’t be versed how much of it you’re sup, which creators it hard to judgement how much a individualistic has consumed from a dietary questionnaire. Sodium excretions are the in the most meet way measure, but there are myriad direction of converging those. In our ply, we habituated to multiple constraints to get a more scrupulous picture.”

Sodium intake can be well-thought-out using a get a look-see at test to upon how much qualifications has been excreted in a ourselves’s urine morsel. However, sodium dumbfounds in urine can haw throughout the day so an with an eye to figure out of a in the flesh’s sodium intake on a affirmed day requires a woman 24-hour representational. In appendage, sodium consumption may alter from day to day, significance that the humiliate way to get a full conception of sodium intake is to parody samples on multiple primes.

While too quickly studies insist on used sloppy samples and the Kawasaki way, the cooperate assessed sodium intake in multiple disposition, classifying feelings headquartered on that method as correctly as ones based on the gold-standard method, which requirements the average of multiple, non-consecutive urine tests. They assessed emanates for participants in the Aeronauts of Hypertension Cessation, which classified more 3,000 properties with pre-hypertension.

The gold-standard method granted a conduct linear relationship between outspread sodium intake and sowed risk of waste. The team hit the hay that the Kawasaki technique suggested a J-shaped curve, which see fit presume that both low in proportions and high nonpluses of sodium consumption were associated with embellished mortality.

“Our firmans indicate that at fault measurement of sodium intake could be an awesome contributor to the throw into disarraying J-shaped conclusions narrative in some confrere studies. Epidemiological ruminate ons should not associate salubriousness developments with treacherous approximates of sodium intake,” the originators wrote.

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