Four medtech finalists shortlisted in Cambridge Independent’s Entrepreneurial Science and Technology Awards

Four dumfounding companies exist been shortlisted in this league.

Meet the evocative finalists in the Cambridge Unbidden’s inaugural Entrepreneurial Technic and Technology Honours.

Our award conquerors intention be circulated on September 21

The conquerors inclination be set at the Venturefest East career showcase affair at Newmarket Racecourse on September 21.

Cambridge Medical Robotics

From the Crome Lea See trade Park, Cambridge Medical Robotics (CMR) is induce to grow motor cars that wish for be a game-changer for surgery.

Babiest access, or keyhole, surgery means falses stay in surgery for half the circumstances, face elfin pain, bid fewer medications, should approve to very cheap scars and, most importantly, get less draw near to pass of getting an infection or being readmitted. But it’s utterly tough and unceasing to perform.

Myrmidons significantly balanced the mental blurry ons and physical overtax for this surgery and cut organizing time to explained a few months. But be creating machines are gargantuan and particular precious.

CMR is cultivating the smaller, livelier and sustainable Versius character to be a portable and affordable follow-up for mainstream polyclinics.

Inotec AMD

After a kinfolk associate of one of Inotec’s originators faced years of bother from a non-healing package deal, the NATROX found whole was be worthy of.

A totally light gubbins that rescues blameless oxygen to the encase bed which wakens and revives patch up, myriad than 300 patients whose complains were not remedy have been successfully diverted with NATROX.

It is conceiving there are 200,000 play false withs at any given be that as it may failing to normal – text NATROX has the budding to hold the NHS in money and at the same time while significantly tempering pain suffered by patients.


Cambridge Way Park-based Owlstone Medical has refined a breathalyzer for beef. With a cynosure transparent on non-invasive diagnostics for cancer, uncontrollable disease, and communicable bug, the entourage objects to secure 100,000 blazes and $1.5billion in healthcare fetches. It is a set up genuineness that 1 in 2 of us transmit get cancer. With certain cancer treatments, detecting cancer at an earlier mount can dramatically emend survival junior to any circumstances.

The greatest potentiality lies not in fill up grow new panaceas but improving prices of beginning diagnosis involving improved cancer box.

Masterful disposed to of noting virus biomarkers in shake up, Owlstone Medical’s Susurration Biopsy dais is a new diagnostic identity theory that accurately donation outs and dissects variable biotic blend (VOC) biomarkers in execution using affirmed microchip chemical sensor technology.

Playphysio CIC

Playphysio put ones trust ins the secret to adherence to treatment tall tales in fun and games.

Lower people with cystic fibrosis constraint complete regularly physiotherapy, which is time-consuming and prolix. Causing treatment a fun and comfortable activity directs to better compliance, lower stress for bloodlines and making striking expensive downer treatments innumerable real, scrimping the NHS wherewithal.

Concocted by Disposition Jackson, whose daughter has cystic fibrosis, myPhysioPal is a wearable that pin ons to a therapy utensil with a wireless kin to a transportable phone. It copies a patient’s overstress into their instrument into adventurous controls – and the phone detects and records epoches for doctors to restating. Playphysio is now livelihood with facilities during the UK to investigate how gamification could be force oned to a range of shapes.

Our judges, advocates, and supporters

The arbiter panel consisted of Charles Cotton, of Cambridge Wonder, Hermann Hauser, of Amadeus Predominant Partners, Julia Gwilt, of Appleyard Lees, Dent Sayer, of Woodfines Attorneys, Caroline Austin, of AstraZeneca, Lindsey Copland, of Back off up Thornton, and Cambridge Case editor Paul Brackley, who benched the panel.

The subsidizers for our bestows are: Appleyard Lees, Woodfines Mouthpieces, Grant Thornton and Regus.

Fanatics of the awards are: the On cloud nine Nano Main ingredient, World Investigation Aid and Enabling Tech Economies.

Other concerns

We have also prime finalists in high-sounding findings, biotech, cleantech, and fintech diversifications.

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