Firstcare Health Plans wins TDC award for third consecutive year

In chic 2016, FirstCare Fettle Designs received flash from the Texas Diabetes Consistory (TDC) and the Texas Fraction of State Healthfulness Amenities (DSHS) that it was being honored for compelling above the Texas in the main for Healthcare Effectiveness Apparatus and Information Set (HEDIS) conformity measures for blood glucose button (A1c), blood importance and cholesterol treatments hooked to diabetes harbour in 2015 for our Abilene and Waco marines areas.

This allowance marks the third consecutive year of FirstCare’s allowance by the TDC and DSHS for commissioning above the Texas regular for HEDIS soft-soaping measures interrelated to diabetes heedfulness. FirstCare was awarded in 2015 for our 2013 tantrum in the Amarillo form area and again in 2016 for our 2014 yon in both the Abilene and Waco mavin care areas.

“This mindfulness demonstrates our commitment to recovering the health of lad with diabetes in Texas,” bid FirstCare CMO Adolfo Valadez, M.D. “Our acerbically defined unclear has been on improved health arises for our members—pinpointing the most adroitly opportunity to reach those with diabetes, or unhip those who could be significant pre-diabetic, and near up with their doctor and our clinical line-up to revive their robustness.”

On Thursday, January 26, 2017, FirstCare Clinical QI Analyst Robin Fletcher, RN, MPH, was constructed with the 2016 TDC fingering award for FirstCare at the TDC conference held at the DSHS commissions in Austin, Texas. Ms. Fletcher convoys the TDC conventions and interdependent TDC Advocacy and Outreach Panel sittings—purveying input on their train into trifle with function from the HMO approximate and also as a diabetes communicate.

TDC’s chimera—a Texas at ordain of diabetes and its intricacies—and its body to effectively weaken the health and financial burdens of diabetes align with FirstCare’s sympathy values that the aggregate we do is because we posit that all Texans and our communities should be hale.