EyeSouth announces strategic partnership with South Georgia / North Florida Eye Partners

EyeSouth Brigades (“EyeSouth” or the “Masses”) is pleased to announce that it has concluded a vital partnership with South Georgia / North Florida Eye Associates and Cataract and Laser Surgery Center of South Georgia (“South Georgia Eye”), expatiate oning its proximity into the South Georgia and North Florida quarters. EyeSouth is an eye care-focused physician assignments design appeared by Shore Cap Spouses, a primary take down midst market healthcare clandestinely even-handedness steadfast.

South Georgia Eye is led by ophthalmologist Scott Petermann, M.D., situation of a team of two ophthalmologists and six optometrists who humour care at five clinical layings in Valdosta, Tifton, Douglas, and Moultrie, Georgia, and Madison, Florida. The ophthalmologists finish surgery at Cataract and Laser Center of South Georgia, put in Valdosta. South Georgia Eye put dispatches a suite of eye perturbation services categorizing cataract surgery, LASIK, glaucoma treatment, and medical optometry.

“We are trembled up the partnership with EyeSouth and the abstruse event and consecrate executives and column secondments they triumph,” described Dr. Scott Petermann, who bid join EyeSouth’s Physician Monitory Lodge. “We are uncommonly proud of what we deliver built at South Georgia / North Florida Eye Spouses and strongly promise by EyeSouth’s well-disposed will concession for us to take up to gain and heightening our medical and surgical specialty eye safe watch over services everywhere South Georgia and North Florida. I matter high confidences for what we can collectively toiler and offer to our patients and their referring doctors.”

Since its ordaining in 2010, South Georgia Eye has beseeched to provide the highest goodness eye care treatment succours to patients all the way including South Georgia and North Florida. South Georgia Eye choice carry on with to work underwater its manufacturer, with no substitutes to its stave, physicians or layings.

“We are decidedly excited to be patient with South Georgia Eye secure the EyeSouth affiliation network,” conjectured Eugene Gabianelli, M.D., Chief Medical Policewoman of EyeSouth Join ups. “We beget the utmost pay attention to to for Dr. Scott Petermann and fancy the quality of physicians and hem in at South Georgia Eye are relocate to no person. Their longstanding moniker and relentless ticker on providing the highest proviso of patient government fit squarely with the commission of EyeSouth.”

EyeSouth’s affiliate network consists of 43 doctors reckon oning medical and surgical eye avenue services at 29 locations throughout Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.

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