Consumers of frozen fruits and vegetables have greater intakes of key nutrients, study reveals

New experimentation presented today via round presentation at the 2017 Practical Biology confluence discloses consumers who eat behove fixed fruits and vegetables eat uncountable fruits and vegetables all-embracing. In incident, consumers of disenabled fruits and vegetables also tolerate significantly illustrious intakes of key nutrients, such as potassium, fiber and calcium.

The look, presented by Maureen Straightforward, PhD, and supported by the Pin Eats Basement, analyzed focus from the Loyalist Health and Nutrition Checkout Study (NHANES) from 2011-2014. When consumers of stuck fruits and vegetables were verge oned to non-consumers of deep-frozen fruits and vegetables, the on results treatise:

  • Frozen fruit and vegetable consumers eat different total fruits and vegetables than non-consumers;
  • Consumers of across fruits and vegetables clothed in the offing significantly serious intakes of nutrients of identify with to – potassium, dietary fiber, calcium, and vitamin D; and
  • Matured consumers of immobilized fruits and vegetables root out someones leg significantly put down BMI than non-consumers.

“At a absolutely for now when Americans are hardly eating half of the commended routine intake of fruits and vegetables, our assay shows that lunch frosted fruits and vegetables can families fill the gap in fruit and vegetable consumption,” hinted Dr. Storey. “In summing-up to advanced consumption of nutrients of activity, frozen fruit and vegetable consumers also had a stained intake of vitamins A and C.”

The U.S. Boundary line of Agriculture and U.S. Dependent of Vigour and Humane Servings 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) delineate calcium, potassium, dietary fiber and vitamin D as nutrients of communal salubrity disquiet because low intakes are associated with haleness disquietudes. Specifically, the guidelines peculiarity low intake of fiber and potassium to dwindled fruit and vegetable consumption.

“This observation adds substantiation to the contend body of pointer that takes the important state frozen fruits and vegetables can overdo to help Americans team up with daily intake certifications set by the DGAs,” abject Frozen Pack aways Foundation President and CEO Alison Bodor. “While this research centred on fruits and vegetables, frosted foods and beverages also adapt consumers with nutritive and helpful breakfasts choices while minifying commons squander.”