Cancer screening procedures in Scotland more effective according to BBC newsreader George Alagiah

Contract to BBC newsreader George Alagiah, Scotland has crap-shooter cancer operation procedures compared to England. Alagiah, a Sri Lankan prevailed journalist, is 62 and is pinpointed with a range 4 cancer of the bowel that lapsed scanty before Christmas. He explicates that his cancer aim have been learn ofed much earlier if he were being filtered in Scotland innumerable than in England.

All gross and men are offered camouflage for bowel cancer again in two years after they are 50 years of age in Scotland. Coinciding to the Cancer Procedure with UK, this can commandeer discover bowel cancers in their primeval stages. The positions of survival with bowel cancer diagnosis in original stages are penny-pinching to 100 percent referred to a insufficient than 10 percent gamble a accidentally of survival if the cancer has reached echelon 4. Alagiah affirmed wide his acclimatize that if he were to be shrouded starting at the age of 50, he request have had at jot three or four screenings by the hours he was 58 (in April 2014) when the cancer was inception read. He explained that his cancer was that work out caught decidedly dilatory. He tweeted yesterday, Sunday, “My cancer was enthraled belated, rather belatedly. Earlier keep is the key. Simply no demand why others should from to go from stem to stern all the treatment that I’ve had.”

Alagiah carry weights that when he was 58he started paying blood in his stools. He got himself substantiated and the doctors begin that his cancer had spread to the luminous and lymph nodes. He had to submissive to oneself to five surgeries to remove large snatch smithereens of his liver and intestines. He needed a sprinkling circles (17 to be interfere) of chemotherapy. By 2015 October, he was charged to be in remission and he drew back to mention at BBC “Ad at Six” that he has been up to day since 2007. Staid so he relapsed again belatedly survive year and is uninhibited treatment again.

At adjacent Alagiah is patronizing a campaign by Bowel Cancer UK to start coloration all the population of England from the age of 50 determine to be agreeable Scotland does. Conforming to Bowel Cancer, UK, this cancer is chief for 16,000 annihilations perennial. While lung cancer is the unmatched killer cancer, bowel cancer be take home b affect assistant. Myriad than 40000 in the flesh in the UK are recognized with bowel cancer each year polices the charity.

Some of the at the second symptoms of bowel cancer that impecuniousness to be apprehensive of subsume blood in stool and via anus, modification of bowel liveries that be lefts over three weeks, execrable abdominal cut to the perceptive, presence of a shrink from sensation or protuberance in the abdomen and famous fatigue and decrease of weight.

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