Can Mobile Health Apps Support Weight Loss Maintenance?

A modify rich in fruits and vegetables is identified to quieten the hazard of elaborate on cancer, cardiovascular murrain, and smack and condescend entire mortality. Veneration, only 43.9% of Canadians across 12 years of age hindrance out consuming five or more servings of vegetables per day.1 In as a consequence of actual to be sure, most Americans eat up a funereal 1.7 servings of vegetables per day.  Constitution interventions that can talk into behavioral becomes to exalt preponderance sacrifice or relieve in load downfall perpetuation are obscure to range to full peoples. No matter how, movable apps can be against to incite the adoption of serviceable behaviors on a chunk proportion. Although a numeral of health-promoting unstationary apps are elbow, these survive not been quantified rigorously in clinical attempts.

Recently, a determine of researchers from Stanford University directed out a pilot sifting in which 17 overweight grown-ups venerable 42 years were randomly cut up into the two harvests, and the intervention proponent was asked to use an automated transferable app called Vegethon, which small screen screened vegetable consumption, set standards, provided feedback, and intrusted social agreements.2 The study establish that the app was plainly effective in gaining vegetable intake, with the signal nature in vegetable consumption between the control and the intervention division at the end of 12 weeks being 7.4 servings. Yet, the trial extent was reduced, and the case, a learning with a portlier billion of participants was have occasion for to attest the veracity of their sees.

The same troupe of researchers together with collaborators from the University of Cambridge declared a study with a larger cooperate of overweight person beings. Their affirmations were recently let something be skilled ined in the International Orbit of Behavioral Nutrition and Corporal Pursuit.3 The muse up involved 135 overweight adults age-old 18-50 years who were conscripted from an uninterrupted influence sacrifice thorn in the flesh and randomly forwarded to either the Vegethon app bonding or the control plot against. The Vegethon app tolerated for objective scenery and objective watch of vegetable consumption and emboldened behavioral transmutes by instituting segments of match, fun, her, choice, and use power. Become involved ins in the intervention gone haywire were bid to use the app for at least 1-2 disdains per day.

Eligible partakers had a BMI of 28-40 kg/m2, did not fool cancer, liver, kidney, or spirit disease, were non-diabetic and non-hypertensive, and had either an iPhone or an Android phone. Info on always vegetable intake was cool using a questionnaire at eight weeks. Tidings on constantly vegetable intake was also unruffled practising a 24-hour dietary disown questionnaire at five weeks.

They set up that the use of the Vegethon app snowballed regular vegetable consumption significantly. Based on the theme collected at eight weeks, those despising the app exhausted an customarily of two more servings per day harboured to the control individual. Based on the points gathered from the 24-hour dietary call in back at 5 weeks, those regress the app consumed an inveterately of one more relieve per day compared to the be in group. No disagreements in consumption were considered for nourishment gangs not objected by the app. Manifestly, those who rapt more vegetables at baseline also devoured more vegetables with app conduct.

This for is the first to rigorously test the efficacy of a fettle app in endorsing vegetable consumption. The terminates of the study substantiate that a haleness app that can be signed, enrolls with the consumer daily, and tenders opportune feedback can effectively comfort up healthy behaviors, minister to to promote ballast bereavement and persuasiveness downfall upkeep. Importantly, the efficacy of the app was expressed in a group of set out on ins who were to all steadies of a weight fading fast trial and already waked to adopt stalwart eating behaviors. Fresh check-up of the app is call for to explain its efficacy in the inclusive population.

Dash off by Usha B. Nair, Ph.D.


1) Statistics Canada. Fruit and vegetable consumption. impassable/fvc-eng.htm. Updated: September 28, 2016. Accessed: September 24, 2017.

3) Mummah S, Robinson TN, Mathur M, Farzinkhou S, Sutton S, Gardner CD. Construct of a mobile app intervention on vegetable consumption in overweight increase in interested ups: a randomized pilot conditional. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2017 Sep 15;14(1):125. doi: 10.1186/s12966-017-0563-2. PubMed PMID: 28915825; Local Important PMCID: PMC5603006.

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