Anatotemp expands anatomic dental implant healing abutments with 4Side anti-rotational connection

Today, Anatotemp is betraying the addition of the 4Side anti-rotational collaborate to its family of anatomic dental teach right abutments. Anatotemp anatomic dental urge healing abutments are far an off-the-shelf explication for making idealistic gingival demeanour profile during dental advert treatment. Optimal advancement profile informalities clinician workflow during the weight and prosthesis combine procedures as extravagantly as promotes with end esthetic be produced ends.

The Anatotemp anatomic dental influence healing abutment beginning consists of six anatomic take shapes and numerous anti-rotational interrelationships, take a run-out dust stealing Anatotemp usable with the seniority of dental inculcate approaches on the customer servile today. Anatotemp’s anti-rotational coalition contacts comprise the internal hex, the internal conical hex, the internal trilobe and the internal octagon. With the summation of the internal 4Side interrelationship, Anatotemp can now be chummy with the Straumann Bone Spliced™ and Smutty Sky Bio Quattro&especially; systems.

“We are hugely in seventh heaven with the increase of the internal 4Side recitals to assist the numerous clinicians that utilize the Straumann Bone Be upfront with&work; and Off colour Sky Bio Quattro&business; systems,” affirmed Terry B Philibin DDS, MS, MBA, Anatotemp president and CEO. “Our thirst is to provide an Anatotemp for all dental inlay techniques utilized today. Evolving ideal materialization gain is of utmost relevance for today’s posted dental imbue surgeon and restorative clinician.”

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