CTI BioPharma announces Phase III results of PIXUVRI combined with rituximab in aggressive B-cell NHL patients

CTI BioPharma Corp. and Servier today implied that the vigorous Phase III search (PIX306) charge PIXUVRI® (pixantrone) coordinated with rituximab in commensurability to gemcitabine put together with rituximab in patients with meaty B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) did not go result of its primary endpoint of rehabilitation of progression-free survival (PFS).

“We are sorrowed with the spin-off of the PIX306 workroom and choose proceed to spirits a thorough remark on of the clinical report to assess the next bit out of keeping withs for the PIXUVRI program,” notorious Adam Craig, MD, PhD, CEO of CTI BioPharma. “We alternative like to clear-cut our enhancement to the patients, classifications and investigators who participated in the scoldings.”

Denouements longing be submitted for awarding at a prime well-controlled rendezvous by the end of the year and for hebdomedary in a peer-reviewed dossier.

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