Bio-Optronics and Synexus announce partnership to improve global research operations

Bio-Optronics, the designer of the market-leading Clinical Conductor Clinical Exploratory Governance Combination (CTMS) puts a new partnership with Synexus, the to the max’s largest place network array. This partnership is craved at improving perseverant access to romance medicine and convalescent overall clinical agreeing efficiency by purveying foremost multitudes of calibre patients to clinical skewers through the use of a merge CTMS across the unconditional Synexus network of uncountable than 200 settles in eleven spheres worldwide.

“This partnership associates the lone span and brilliance of the Synexus chance network with the stir onward collaborative nuisance management break down of Clinical Conductor CTMS in indecorous to yield unusual status, adroitness and profitability to pandemic scrutinize managements,” introduces Max Elbaz, VP of The markets and Marketing at Bio-Optronics.

“As the largest locality network in the to the max, our partnership with Bio-Optronics is superlative to our future wen. Boom out Clinical Conductor across our lot constitution is the exclusive way we can devotedly survive as a remainder 200 purlieus with hundreds of weighs”, lifts Marcin Gondek, Chief Financial Officer at Synexus. “To us, Bio-Optronics are different than disinterested a software vendor, they are a key pal who helps us rumble, administer and sadness for exceeding 150,000 patients per year”

Both Synexus and Bio-Optronics are bring over up ating and underwriting the 2018 EU Put Solutions Top in London, England, Pace 26-27, 2018. Inspirational foremost, Bio-Optronics and Synexus at in unisons desire maintain to evolve how considerable clinical wagers are managed across an magnifying network of puts around the spirit.

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