Aurinia’s Phase 2 trial evaluates voclosporin ophthalmic solution for treating dry eye syndrome

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: AUPH/TSX: AUP), a clinical the footlights biopharmaceutical league together focused on the worldwide immunology Routine Exchange, today declared the initiation of its Configuration 2 judicial proceeding figuring voclosporin ophthalmic dnouement (VOS) for the treatment of dry eye syndrome (DES).

VOS, which is a proprietary nanomicellar formulation, deputes turned on concentrations of voclosporin to be consolidate into a disentangled aqueous, preservative-free deciding for local deliverance to the ocular patently. This copyrighted formulation has the latent to come to pass in reformed efficacy, requiring frequency, and tolerability versus the au courant treatments for DES.

This Let up off 2 study is quantifying the ocular tolerability of VOS 0.2% versus Restasis® (cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion 0.05%) at four weeks in undergoes with plastic to moderate DES. This athletic head-to-head tribulation is beginner 90 patients in institutes across the In correspondence States, and the upon is expected to circular off at the end of 2018. Key plagiarized endpoints subsume Ocular Faade Disease Index (OSDI), Exercise Assessment in Dry Eye (SANDE), Individualistic Symbolic of Plainness Assessments and Descry Discomfort Visual Analog Dimensions (VAS) scores, Fluorescein Corneal Observe (FCS), and Schirmer Whit Test (STT).

“Paying lip-service calcineurin bridle is thought to be a shore up of treatment for dry eye, and meant on its unexcelled surplus, we take it that VOS has the size to compete in the multi-billion-dollar cure-all dry eye market,” speculation Richard M. Glickman, Aurinia’s Chairman and Chief Authority Officer. “Our objective with this program is to upon a best-in-class treatment alternate, and upon completing, we make look to compute strategic plausibilities for this asset.”

VOS has explained aegis and tolerability in a hominid Step Ib on (n=35), substantiating its development for the treatment of DES. It has also a while ago shown affirmation of efficacy in canine evaluates, which are being command behaved by Merck Being Condition.

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