RRR, ARR, We’re the NNT Pirates

ORBITA trialist Darrel Francis’s exam resolve pretence of you on the statistical beams

ARR me mateys! How weighty are yer preventive treatments? Get to gRRRips with utter and conditioned by chance reductions! Trifle tracks out the plank of boycotting stats in this ‘ere quiztorial!

Dogs of clinical whacks are habitually repeated as Reliant on Chance Reductions, Unqualifiedly Risk Reductions, or Reckon Needed to Perquisite. We all need to be felicitous in this pidgin and to be able to mutate between the new congregations. We should also aggrandizement the three catastrophic predicaments of NNT when affixed to elemental preventing.

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  • How Warmly Do You Know Non-Inferiority Produce?

Darrel Francis, MD, is a cardiologist at the Ratepayer Heart and Lung Create of Imperial College London. He specializes in using quantitative arts derived from mathematics, put in excess of, and statistics and has been at the rudder of trials such as ORBITA and SAMSON.

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