Rep. Cummings Undergoes TAVR Procedure (Baltimore Sun)

Self-governing Abode commander to be hospitalized for some epoches

One of the scad superior Democrats in the Affair of Representatives exhibited a transcatheter aortic valve replacement labarum operating go on with on Wednesday, the Baltimore Sun divulged.

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), 66, is prevented to remain hospitalized for “a few epoches.” asseverated the Sun, citing a pronouncement issued by his hinge on. The procedure had been digested.

Cummings, the repulsive Democrat on the Cat-house gratis Oversight and Superintendence Reform Directorship, was first picked to Congress in 1996. He should pick up where one left side off his normal define quickly, the edict said. The Ancestry is on breather next week for the Tablet Day holiday.