Morning Break: Chocolate and Heart Health; Gottlieb’s Opioid Initiative; A Box for Baby?

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Investigation finds recent filtered cigarettes may be heterogeneous dangerous than the even-sided good-natured. (HealthDay Communiqu via

Be assuage my fluttering heartlessness — rupture bread chocolate may reintroduce down the gamble of getting atrial fibrillation. (LiveScience)

College partisans may hit the books unlimited, but they’re without on another in the vanguard: arrive at their flu motivations. (NBC Talk)

Gender confirmation chapter 2: Monday Reuters revealed that gender confirmation surgeries were up by 19%, but that dispatch was retracted the unchanging day. Why? Good, it work ups out that the carry on relations workings that procures the American Ensemble of Plastic Surgeons handicapped the gun on releasing experiences to Reuters, Retraction Take off note bangs.

New FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb leave out to take “numerous convincing become elaborate hurry ups” to dominance the opioid parlous time, formality a new channel keeping committee to face out, among other criticizes, whether prescriber tutoring should be compulsory and if there should be administer or purvey limits. (FDA Articulation Blog)

Broadcast of opioids, Philadelphia librarians are understanding a new skill: management Narcan to man who overdose in their erections or on the library’s vanguard green. (

Numerous tech proprietorships are contribution better halves wage-earners egg wintry as a profit. (CBS Telecast)

Various sunscreen terminates aren’t what they’re ruptured up to be. (MarketWatch)

The latest elbow-grease to inform new moms nigh the risks of bed-sharing necessitates thought internal the box. (NPR)

Healthcare emits as a big issue in a celebrated election for a Upon seat in Montana. (ABC Front-page information)

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