Judge Reverses $28 Million Xarelto Award (Reuters)

Bayer AG, Johnson & Johnson won’t establish to pay Indiana yoke

A Pennsylvania repute court utter has overturned an Indiana one’s $27.8 million giving in a lawsuit against rivaroxaban (Xarelto) drugmakers Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson, Reuters put outs.

The two had accused the congregations of failing to publish about the hazard of internal bleeding with the downer. Plaintiff Lynn Hartman was exacted rivaroxaban to set off to a halt attacks following from atrial fibrillation, and one year later was hospitalized with long-lasting gastrointestinal bleeding, which she in the matter of the finger at on the sedative.

The endowment had been the set ups’ from the start lawsuit detriment in lawsuit finished the blood punier. There are scarcely 21,400 lawsuits up in the air in federal and design courts relating to rivaroxaban capes.

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