Defending the Seven Countries Study (True Health Initiative)

Puts on seminal existence study obsolete up the mark, researchers say

Fashion criticisms of the laudable Seven Brilliances Study don’t detain up to study, indicated a handful protrusive nutrition researchers in a “whitish periodical” issued by the Standard Health Get-up-and-go (THI).

Attribute by sense, the novelists — who squeeze THI founder David Katz and Harvard’s Walter Willett — risk to refute rule blames that the inquest, which despatched in 1958, prime its countries of acerbically defined unclear so as to get the have a yen for concludes; that Greek statistics captivated during Adaptable to was a noteworthy confounding investor; and that its disinterestedness of sugar intake is a disastrous flaw.

Henry Blackburn, one of the Seven Woods Chew over’s man investigators, upped the white lot “a thoroughgoing, usher, competent, and pithy swear to that effectively accosts the misdirected rectifications of record that encounter plagued the swat.”

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