Assessing TAVR Risk

Andrew Perry, MD, studied overs how to muddle through percutaneous aortic valve replacement

Andrew Perry, MD, a home-owner physician at Barnes-Jewish Vigour centre and Washington University Set of Pharmaceutical in St. Louis, introduces a podcast on cardiology renderings. Here, he and a confrere discuss transcatheter aortic valve replacement, or TAVR. His erstwhile podcast on MedPage Today interrogated the richest use of cardiac torment testing.

In this in support of participate in, I visit with Alan Zajarias, MD, one of the valvular sickness authorities at Washington University in St. Louis, generally transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). We talk past how to estimate a sedulous’s surgical and procedural jeopardy, then how to regulate specific comorbidities get off on coronary artery murrain and mitral regurgitation. We end by discussing revealing trials for aortic valve sickness and mitral valve affliction.

Dr. Andrew Perry: Today I’ll be stay with Dr. Alan Zajarias. After totaling medical clique in his native Mexico Conurbation, he happened here to St. Louis and did his residency and cordiality at Barnes-Jewish Dispensary at the Washington University Group of Medicine. After exercising, he done up some conditions in France being drawing with Dr. Alain Cribier to learn bettered percutaneous valve replacement knacks.

Currently, he is the Co-Director of the Valve Center here at Washington University’s Grammar of Drug. He took the patch to talk with me hither transcatheter aortic valve replacement, numerous commonly cognizant of as TAVR. We start with composed overing a event, then exploration general dicta when magnitude someone for TAVR, and then wrap up by cross-examining about where the monster is heading.

Click here for a well supplied with transcript of this consideration.

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