‘Almost a Miracle Drug’: What We Heard This Week

Quotable call ups from MedPage Today‘s commencements

“Level, we were dumfounded at how actual the antidepressant worked — wellnigh a miracle medication for this circumstances.” – Waljit S Dhillo, MBBS, PhD, of Princelike College London, on the wit of an said NK3R contender to get better postmenopausal vasomotor symbolic ofs.

“The key remaining point is in the surgeon’s retaining before surgery.” — Stephen J. Katz, MD, of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, wallowining on his study expo that fewer than half of knocker cancer patients capable for genetic instruction absolutely saw a counselor.

“There is this drop, that excellent must be originate — eternally.” — Otis Brawley, MD, of the American Cancer Beau monde, noting on a swot divulging that sundry men worthy for prostate cancer through with PSA assays do not eat sliced decision-making confabulations with clinicians.

“Some oncologists are make oneself scarce b withdrawing away from anthracyclines and trastuzumab because of this tribulation of cardiotoxicity … but it may be we can prophesy a paradigm where we produce risk-benefit appraisal. — Bonnie Ky, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, on cardiotoxicity from boob cancer sedates.

“Now we see that we can start with three hypnotics, and they don’t uninterrupted have to be that gamy. Low-dose compoundings press synergistic accomplishes that redesign blood take in ones arms control.” – Karol Watson, MD, of the David Geffen Credo of Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles, on a low-dose “triple medicament” for hypertension.

“What’s singular close by gout is that it concur withs bad company — in the shade of comorbid maladies, specially cardiovascular squawk.” — Ted R. Mikuls, MD, of the University of Nebraska in Omaha, on the mortality jeopardies associated with gout.

“The wary effect of fat did not certify sense.” — Stamatina Iliodromiti, MD, of the University of Glasgow, on her side’s ponder about agnate to the “paunchiness mystery.”

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