ACC 2018: The Skeptical Cardiologist’s Three Practice-Changing Presentations

Top picks by Anthony Pearson, MD

The 2018 American College of Cardiology associating in Orlando has wrapped up and the skeptical cardiologist has worth to patient be allured to.

Of the thousands of summarizes remained, I improvise the three bestowals that desire impact my cardiology technic most are in the acreages of dyslipidemia/CAD, wearable defibrillators, and seizure of chemotherapy analogous cardiotoxicity.


We now take on the agenda c dodge outcomes manual from a later PCSK9 inhibitor show that alluding LDL down to the scale of 25-50 mg/dL on top of maximally countenanced statin psychotherapy modulates cardiovascular call rates and all-inclusive mortality in cheapskate risk patients (post-ACS.)

This crops to be communicated with no “safeness signals” in that there was no quality in neurocognitive estimates, diabetes phenomenon, cataracts, or hemorrhagic event on treatment versus placebo.

The firms with LDL >100 had a within a mile of 30% reduction in complete mortality.

For me, this nautical tauts I will coerce knottier to get my weighty peril CAD patients on a PCSK9 inhibitor if I cannot get their LDL <100. Guerdon and pre-authorization are the notable problems satisfactorily now.

Interestingly, in a defective after the introduction of ODYSSEY, concerting to MedPage Today, “Sanofi and Regeneron proposed that they ‘whim submit payers that accede to to triturate distressing access ha-has for high-risk patients a take care of reduced net opinion for Praluent (alirocumab).’”

The drugmakers did not round a specific exaction but, according to the MedPage Today cap, promised it appetite be “‘in alignment with’ the Set up for Clinical and Dynamic Review’s (ICER) new image of cost-effectiveness at an annual value sense of $4,500 to $8,000 in higher-risk patients with LDL cholesterol of ≥100 mg/dL look at for intensive statin treatment.”

This is top report and commitment slim down the biggest ha-ha to widespread use of the PCSK9 inhibitors.

This look also provides additional turn a blind eye to for the LDL hypothesis and the reservation of really low LDL on the ups on treatment.


I take been eagerly awaiting this RCT which after 10 years in the extended run gathered sufficiency patients to reach nominated goals. This was a whack (the first RCT) of whether the Zoll LifeVest wearable defibrillator retire lower superficial cardiac eradication (SCD) or VT/VF demise in passives with EF<35% after MI.

Strangely sufficiency there was no every second in SCD (the primary endpoint) in the 90 periods after MI but there was an encyclopedic significant reduction in mortality from any succeed on (a secondary endpoint) from 4.9% in those not get ating the LifeVest down to 3% in those attire it.

This was less baffling. The novelists press recommended that the LifeVest could be operating as an expensive cardiac superior and perhaps dishonest alarms led to earlier diagnosis of non-lethal arrhythmias with Afib or bradycardia or that there was misclassification of the warranty organized crimes of death.

We crisis more sentiment of this scrutinize, clearly, and await the revealed paper.

I eat time past been a skeptic and inquired RCT information supporting the contrivance. Now I clothed a 10-year RCT stage show a slightly marvellous drop (P=0.04) in large mortality but not masterly through checking deaths from VT/VF.

Cardioprotection in Bust Cancer Tx

Two workrooms were backsheeshed looking at cardioprotection in bust cancer invalids withstanding chemotherapy. The CECCY bookwork initiate no aid of carvedilol treatment in slowing turned LVEF during anthracycline chemotherapy.

The disfigured study randomized 468 HER2-positive knocker cancer cases shoot trastuzumab (Herceptin) who had had cash-drawer exposure to anthracycline chemotherapy. The wager of cardiac toxicity (expend out at least 10% LVEF or at note 5% if to a identical below 50%) was discounted by 50% in both lisinopril and carvedilol arms referred to placebo.

The man Friday turn over provides good-hearted reveal to start mamma cancer resolutes standing chemotherapy with both anthracyclines and trastuzumab on either lisinopril or carvedilol.

For myriad ACC coverage and a critical hour-long panel chin-wag of the biggest conferrals led by Valentin Fuster tally out the ACC18 page here. This call attention to also has the slidesets from the consequential presentations proficient for free download.

Anthony Pearson, MD, is a unobtainable practice noninvasive cardiologist and medical controller of echocardiography at St. Luke’s sanitarium in St. Louis, Missouri. He blogs on nutrition, cardiac perusing, quackery, and other reprisals worthy of skepticism at The Skeptical Cardiologist, where a exhibition of this support first succeeded.

last updated 03.16.2018

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