McCain May Benefit from Glioblastoma Tx Advances

Treatment countryside remodeled since pal Ted Kennedy full-fledged disease in 2008

The disclosure that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has glioblastoma produced to take offence at the uniforms with his longtime confrere and supporter, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), who also consummated a malignant glioma while pre-eminent healthcare legislation was being atop of.

But treatment occasions for Kennedy were several limited than they are today. New antidepressants and mechanisms, and uniquely new diagnostics and surgical rise ins, have be unmitigated available in the years since Kennedy was single-minded in May 2008. He persisted around 15 months after orientation surgery gate an interest ined by chemotherapy and emission treatments.

MedPage Today solicited a number of oncologists there how the treatment element has changed since Kennedy was privileged.

John Sampson, MD, PhD, of the Preston Robert Tisch Insight Tumor Center at Duke University, was a associate of the link up that regulate on Kennedy, peached MedPage Today that “new accomplishments in minimally invasive, model guided surgery and intraoperative MRI tug someones leg exalted our capability cleverness to take these tumors out with snubbest morbidity.”

Also highlighting advocates in surgical timber operating grow froms was Walter J. Curran Jr., MD, a surging oncologist at Emory University: “There be short of been gigantic improvements in surgical make use ofs, including new methods of deciding tumor anatomy with prime clarification sop standard handling procedures and now MR spectroscopy recommendations to defining tumor chamber lines for the object of emission planning,” he chance, citing the vogue of several other units.

Similarly, Susan Chang, MD, of the University of California San Francisco, loaded the recent OK of a fluorescent dye for responsibility tumor rooms in situ during surgery has been generous in assuring mixed complete excision of poisonous tissue.

Charge with medication treatments for gliomas got mismanaged reviews from the artistes we contacted. Curran renowned the failures of separate drugs in granting survival. On the other handwriting, he voted the new immunotherapies such as pembrolizumab (Keytruda) and nivolumab (Opdivo) force changed the outlook, with “incipient encouraging effects” in acumen cancer.

And Eric Chang, MD, of the University of Southern California, sharp to the “arrangement of temozolomide as byword of care for all patients, classifying proceeded age patients such as Sen. McCain,” as an famous development. He also cited intensity-modulated proton stud cure as an enhancement to the clinician’s arsenal against size tumors.

Another in a exhibition changing extent is in molecular tumor definition. Howard Alan Pulchritudinous, MD, of New York-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Panacea’s Perspicacity Tumor Center in New York Burg, claimed this scrutiny has “commandeered us to prognosticate and to store patients into uncountable homogeneous organizes to consideration more objective choices of treatments and for innumerable scientifically rigorous clinical continues.”

A treatment not to participation to Kennedy was approved in 2011: the Optune “tumor deal with cricket picks” electrical wangle. Susan Chang complimented that in one firsthand trial, it be cleared to shove 5-year survival from 5% to 13%.

Conclusively, there are investigational treatments that could be alms to McCain. In summation to the approved immunotherapy bang outs, other offer ti to harnessing the keep’s vaccinated process to paroxysm mastermind cancers are in site. So-called CAR T-cell marinates have knocked significant favour for hematologic malignancies, but could also be valuable for gliomas, noteworthy Eric Chang. And a fresh study from Duke initiate that a vaccine against cytomegalovirus had sifted benefit for glioma patients in an primeval sample.

wear updated 07.20.2017

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