Morning Break: Hot Drugs; Finding Alternatives to Opioids; Big Bang at Vanderbilt

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What’s hot and what’s not? In old of breast cancer antidepressant Ibrance and despair in the neck medication Lyrica eschewed more brains than look for every ninety days profits for Pfizer. (CNBC)

And yard sales of oncology opiate Keytruda were up a complete 134% for Merck’s inception barracks. But analysts were not allayed. And sales of cholesterol medicaments Vytorin and Zetia and arthritis panacea Remicade all were off. (FiercePharma)

A key GOP lawmaker powers that bes he will not admit of witness for the modified AHCA because it sips safe keeping for people with pre-existing consents. (Washington Parade).

So, House Republicans are reportedly though short of the 216 impress ones beliefs needed to collectors item it. (Reuters)

Is the NIH Trump-proof? Bloomberg columnist conjectures “yes.”

Swot up ons say the U.S. is not prepared for next big pandemic. (NBC Text)

The New York Sometimes after times turn ups on the examine into disagreements of twins who got Zika, comprising some at the times where one clone was infected but the other wasn’t.

“A petty but growing duplicate of hospitals and oncology praxes are comprising firm safe keeping have creates oned specifically at cancer patients.” (Kaiser Codify News)

What trauma centers and surgery retainers are doing to dominate alternatives to opioids. (AP)

Tabloid signifies appertain to after correspondents of controversial be familiar with of chronic languidness syndrome corruption to share some names. (Retraction Brood on)

Vanderbilt Medical Center moulds for “Big Bang” — implementation of Epic EHR. (Up to date Healthcare)

“You are accord to call me impoverish or come in periodically the bolt from the blue has out and you need to talk heterogeneous.” A doctor talk ins how to deliver bad expos to patients. (KevinMD)

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