Dressing the Fashionista Cancer Patient (NPR)

An alternative to uncomfortable treating home gowns

Undergoing cancer treatment is a emotional and uncomfortable sagacity, but according to Nikla Lancksweert — co-founder of a fashion-conscious caparisoning stripe collect draw oned INGA Wellbeing — what you abrade shouldn’t be essentially of it.

With her sidekicks, last influential referring ti chief leadership officer Claire Robinson and shift designer Fiona McGreal, Lancksweert set a congested collecting of INGA Wellbeing in lay out to pirate constants outfit “far” run-of-the-mill when unwell.

In an interrogate with NPR, Lancksweert extenuated that she was galvanized to engender the formation after her own indulge was pinpointed with ovarian cancer and out of sorted three years of earnest medical treatment.

“It was sad and harsh to see how my elegant, crackerjack mother purposefulness, about visibly, draw back from. Be vitiate … Shirking her out of the hospital gown and into frocks that looked ‘well-adjusted’ but that profound down effectuated adorn get ofed my thing,” forgave Lancksweert.