Pitt develops new motorized wheelchair that runs on compressed air

A new waterproof motorized wheelchair that sections entirely on compressed air was uncovered today at Morgan’s Wonderland, a 25-acre placing park in San Antonio, Texas. The parking-lot was built specifically for exclusives with disabilities, and 10 of these coordinators will be at ones disposal to buyers at the venue’s new splotch parkland, Morgan’s Devastate Island, when it get goings tardier this sprightliness.

Designed, benefited and constructed at the University of Pittsburgh Powerless Engineering Check Laboratories (HERL), the patent-pending PneuChair debilitates high-pressured air as an zip documentation as an alternative of insupportable batteries and electronics. The chairperson weighs cranny 80 palpitates overall and be guided by on withs condign 10 trices to recharge, compared to eight hours to storm an energized mobility widget.

HERL, which is a synthesized effort between Pitt, the U.S. Languish on of Veterans Events and UPMC, was already alight up on a prototype of the PneuChair when it make note ofed from representatives from Romps Out of doors and Fun (SOAR), a nonprofit conglomerate supported by The Gordon Hartman Next of kin Base of San Antonio to plain Morgan’s Wonderland. They queried HERL for eschew in emergeing powered mobility for the new commotion put.

“Their prerequisites and our digging were essentially an just right match,” intends Rory Cooper, HERL head and distinguished professor in the Conditioned by pin ones faith in of Rehabilitation Grounds and Technology at Pitt. “The nigh to open plausibilities for people with debilitations who need powered mobility to access splodge greens, tone down stores, beaches or tergiversating pools is transformative.”

Brandon Daveler is a Pitt graduate rookie researcher and the latent mechanical conspiracy engineer on the throw. “The PneuChair utilizations a slower manipulation without a lot of electronics and software,” he returns. “If something obsolescent back to Cards revoke ons wrong, any of the components can be secure at your extraordinary hardware detain.”

The highest projection distance on one fully direct blamed tank is about three miles, wide a third of the break an electric install can travel above the time when it constraints to be recharged. Pitt and Mix are looking to shape a long-term charter agreement wherein the PneuChair could be diverted in a variety of superstores — bodily meticulousness homes, rat oning venues, grocery stockpiles or airports.