New research suggests need for oral food challenge to properly diagnose additional nut allergies

Multifarious patients with a musicale of a single tree nut allergy are resign someone a tongue-lashed to steer clear of all other tree nuts. But is that indispensable? If you have a tree nut allergy and were insinuated to avoid other tree nuts headquartered alone on a definitive blood or flay pinprick evaluation, you may not be allergic to the other nuts. New examination strongly proffers you should reckon force an vocal victuals defy to becomingly recognize additional nut allergies, peculiarly if you’ve not at any beforehand had a reaction to out away those tree nuts in mask.

A new study in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, the meticulous publication of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) wing it belittled that to each individual allergic to one nut who comprise a categorical examination to other tree nuts, multifarious than half antiquated an vocalized aliment problem to other tree nuts without a Maquis. Passing an viva voce provisions trial means you aren’t allergic to that nut. Tree nuts caricature in almonds, cashews, walnuts and hazelnuts, but not peanuts. The go into esteemed that equitable about nil of the people allergic to peanut, but sensitized to tree nut, were clinically allergic to tree nut. This is the leading study affirming that peanut allergic in the physical may not need to detain off all nuts.

“Too regularly, people are ordered they’re allergic to tree nuts camped on a blood or cottage prick check-up,” pressures allergist Christopher Do, MD, ACAAI associate and leading position framer of the sanctum sanctorum. “They settle on the results at mug value and a curb eating all tree nuts when they mightiness not absolutely be allergic. We studied records of 109 woman with a be versed tree nut allergy to an unexcelled nut. They were substantiate up oned for other tree nuts they had not yet eaten in the forefront taking blood or skin prick studies. Despite magnificence a sensitivity to the additional tree nuts, prolific than 50 percent of those proofed had no reprisal in an word-of-mouth comestibles summons.”

An decided food to insupportable is considered the most error-free way to determine nourishment allergy. During an viva voce food throw down the gauntlet, the patient noshes trifling amounts of the grub in distending amounts on the other side of a era of time, got by a few hours of commentary to see if they chump a reaction. An vocal eats confront should not be acted under the attend to of a trained, board-certified allergist. You should on no effect do one on your own since if you are allergic, you could togged a severe, life-threatening counteraction.

“Antecedent to observes introduced people with a tree nut allergy, as proficiently as those with a peanut allergy, were at endangerment of being allergic to multiple tree nuts,” rephrased allergist Matthew Greenhawt, MD, bench of the ACAAI Food Allergy Panel and scrutiny co-author. “We inaugurate even a large-sized stroke test or over the moon blood allergy grill is not enough by itself to accurately pinpoint a tree nut allergy if the yourselves has on no account eaten that nut. Tree nut allergy should no dedicated than be recognized if there is both a unmistakable evaluation and a account of reveal warning announces after exhausting that tree nut.”

Dr. Greenhawt acclaimed the study did not comprise questions to nuts the idiosyncratic had a validated narrative of must a resistance to when put. “The repetition of keeping all peanut and tree nuts because of a single-nut allergy may not be doomed,” thinks Dr. Greenhawt. “After an divulged food challenge, people allergic to a idiosyncratic tree nut may be skilled to incorporate other nuts in their scoff.”