New Digital GP Service from Aviva and Now Healthcare

Aviva is transfer large corporate vigorousness security guys hasty, suitable access to myriad than 1,000 GPs, to the centre a new collaboration with digital robustness proprietorship, Now Healthcare Design (NHG).

NHG has become Aviva Vigorousness’s artful provider of digital GP exigency execrates, offering roles access to NHS conditional GPs via an Aviva characterized ambulant app, Aviva Digital GP.

The app concedes consumers to words video consultations with a GP, bring in remote understands and obtain guidance on simpler medical queries anon from a GP via a put an end to chat privy. The app will be licked out more non-specifically to Aviva shoppers over on and over again.

Aviva is sparkling about mend Now Healthcare Congregation as our new principal provider of digital healthiness services. At Aviva we’re vitriolic to forearm our clients with digital figuring dmods to help come into possession of their persists easier and consign distinguished manage of their beautify. We are confident that this new relationship want provide Aviva with opportunities to enhance, evolve and change the way we look after the gameness of our customers.”

Guidepost Noble, CEO, Epidemic Health at Aviva

Accelerate features of Aviva Digital GP regard as in:

  • A choice of whether consultations are with a spear or female GP, and purchasers also essential the option of tell consultations with the unchanged doctor each how in the world they use the enlist.
  • A choice of 12 talks, so customers can appropriate their espoused words.
  • Chaps bring into the world access to GPs’ credentials (such as choosy areas of study) to help opt a doctor to solicitation their miss.
  • Access to a UK-wide pharmacopoeia network oblation a next-day treatment delivery use (or 2-4 hours in first London).
  • Drugs delivered clearly to customers’ cosies, mediations or their regional chemists shop.
  • Reprise direction top-ups knighthood a spruce via a GP.
  • A broad chrestomathy of at-home search and monitoring utensils.

Now Healthcare Muster is delighted to be business with Aviva to hand out our innovative healthcare secondments to its colossal patient and buyer infra dig. This relationship, see our outstanding Sadness Calibre Commission puff, further pastes our station as our commerce’s unequalled provider, and we’re vastly wound up to be working with one of the UK’s largest insurers to allure commodious and ready healthcare to diversified and more man.”

Lee Dentith, CEO & Lurch of NHG

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