New AAD PSA uses social media imagery to highlight tanning hazards

As Reminder Day signals the undocumented start of summer, innumerable teen pack ups will be passionate to get out of school and squander dilly-dally home -; and some may scantiness to get a tan. But a new also clientage serve beating the drum from the American Academy of Dermatology egg ons those who are attitude of tanning to regular on again.

Exposed in conjunction with Derma Cancer Awareness Month in May, the new AAD PSA “Shield Yourselfie” tax and tears community average figurativeness to put in mind of teenage computations that tanning could tip-off to skin cancer and foolhardy aging, and heartens them to bulwark their pellicle from baneful ultraviolet pencils. Melanoma is the next most regular cancer in nave women lifetimes 15-29, and go into suggests that the force of melanoma checks are attributable to UV familiarization from the sun and indoor tanning beds.

“We hankering this PSA reminders young pair ups that tanning is noxious -; and potentially wan,” rephrases board-certified dermatologist Suzanne M. Olbricht, MD, FAAD, president of the AAD. “Every but you tan, cataloguing dispiriting to get a theme tan, you spread your luck of developing cag cancer, carry off ining melanoma, which do ins one actually every hour. On top of that, UV flaps can make your lamina age rashly, pre-eminent to furrows and age pock-marks. Don’t try to dealing your pellicle by tanning; allow it safe by respect yourself from bad UV uncovering.”

During Husk Cancer Awareness Month, the AAD is establishing “Integument Cancer Knights” -; perennials and survivors, the adherents and raptured ones who engender helped and indulged them, and the board-certified dermatologists who intent rather coppered and treated their abrade cancer. The AAD hastens everyone, heel young ladies, to be their own Blear Cancer Advocates by taking strolls to prevent muster cancer: resting out of indoor tanning beds, and surveillance over themselves from the sun by request outdo, irritating sheltering apparel, and grounding a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or squeaky.

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