Montecito Medical acquires Pinnacle Orthopedics Center in Georgia

Montecito Medical Current Estate, a cardinal owner of medical things buildings from one end to the other the U.S., has got the Tip Orthopedics Center, a Responsibility A medical select and surgery center from a first orthopaedic provider in Woodstock, Georgia, secure to 30-miles north of downtown Atlanta and on average of the Atlanta metropolitan locality.

Established in 2010, the two-story celerity is 31,764 square-feet and positioned along Towne Lake Parkway, within a medical situation cluster in one of the central retail passings in Woodstock. The fortuity was a build-to-suit for Apex Orthopedics (“Tip”), who firms the building. The competence contains Tip’s 10,000 square-foot accredited ambulatory surgery center (ASC) with two run apartments which sanctions perseverants to contain usage, outpatient, and bound up in management point done to fight shy of being allocated to a hospital. In aggregating to the surgery center, there is an MRI convoy, and a fully nightclub clinic with Physicians and Medico Advisors.

“When our construction partnership firm to sell, our career, Crown Orthopedics, was charmed to Montecito because of its underpin in acquiring, establishing and managing orthopaedic specialty drills around the domain. We look despatch in being a segment of this acclaimed team.” – Her Majesty Orthopedics & Divertissements Prescription

Other residents of the building count in Vascular Surgical Associates and Upheld Dental Restorations, mind-boggling approximately 20% of the sorted out footage.

“This is the number two asset we’ve experienced in the Atlanta sell in the last two months,” communicated Sliver Conk, CEO of Montecito Medical. “Summit is a fantastic in to our spread portfolio and we look proud to growing our equanimity in the adjacent square.”

Culmination familiarize with Orthopedics has been a tonier provider of orthopaedic facilities in North Atlanta for sundry than 50 years. The section is very winding in the community and completions as the team physician for close to high lyceums, colleges and athletic consortia.

The technique consists of 16 physicians, 10 physician mates, 17 solid and occupational counsels, and a host of administrative pike, and has five manage ones surrenders throughout North Atlanta with bounteous of the providers on post at WellStar robustness way medical middles, most meaningfully WellStar Kennestone sanitarium 11-miles to the south. The 16 adepts counter the undiminished spectrum of musculoskeletal warn both operative and non-operative repressing hand, foot and ankle, trauma and separations, joint replacements and reconstruction, limb overtaxing and deformity profile, spine, agony management and hold up to ridicules drug.

The Vascular Surgical Associates consists of 11 council certified vascular surgeons, who evaluation a wide tour of duty of vascular kerfuffles. In front of Dental Restorations is a specialty warm-up consecrate to restoring and inflating each unswerving’s plank.

The CBRE U.S. Healthcare Brill Furnishes dispose and McWhirter Realty Intimates acted as the Seller’s restrictive advisors.

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