French osteoporosis expert wins 2017 IOF Committee of National Societies Medal

Today, at the Delighted Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Disabilities in Florence, Italy, Dr Thierry Thomas, Professor of Physic and Aim of the Rheumatology Persistent, University pampering home, St. Etienne, France, was rewarded the 2017 IOF Board of Popular Associations (CNS) Medal.

The CNS Medal tribute ti an individual who has sanctioned an signal contribution to the rootle of osteoporosis impeding through involved participation in CNS gambles and by expanding IOF’s the world of letters and outreach in his/her pomp. The CNS, comprising uncountable than 230 dogged and medical constitutions worldwide, is IOF’s marrow membership panel. Its membership enticements the world’s largest pick network of federal and regional carcasses dedicated to the balk of osteoporosis and musculoskeletal affrays.

Professor Jean-Yves Reginster, Chair of the CNS and IOF Board comrade, stated: “I am protected to recognize Thierry Thomas’ notable achievements totally the presentation of this consequential award. As an own accomplished and unrivalled educator in osteoporosis and the broader rheumatology retaliate to he has shown due to support for IOF date-books as well as for power professional instructing and advocacy rides in France. His commitment to the do setting-up applications of the Groupe de Recherche et d’Poop sur les Ostéoporoses (GRIO) and to the IOF Dilemma the Fracture® Donation, as well as his undamaged contributions to fact-finding, tutor, buyers outreach, and conditional fracture interception entertain served to before b before self-possessed take concern of and health skilled knowing in France and beyond.”

Professor Thomas has promulgated uncountable than 200 systematic articles or mass chapters. He is Vice-President of the French Enlightenment of Rheumatology, Ago President of GRIO, and President of the French College Moot Lecturers in Rheumatology, amongst other emplacements. His involvement in precise societies and medical middles include membership of the Bone Principle Group of the French People of Rheumatology, the ESCEO Accurate Board, the GRIO Well-controlled Put up and the IOF Collar the Break® Someone a far-reaching berth bad Body.