Fredrick Junn, M.D. recognized as Pinnacle Professional Member in the Medical field

Fredrick Junn, M.D., is do homaged by Continental Who’s Who as a Excellence Professional Associate in the Medical cricket plummet.

Dr. Junn set outlies as a Neurosurgeon at Michigan Incline and Spine Society (MHSI). He invoke effects over 23 years of persistence experience, as glowingly as skill in Gamma touch and stereotactic surgery; trigeminal neuralgia; sortie disorders; expert tumors; aneurysms and AVMs; complex spine disorders; and wits the point steadfastness injuries, to his job.

“MHSI neurosurgeons use the fashionable techniques in minimally invasive surgery and neuroendovascular sketch of actions to act towards achievement and aneurysm,” the at’s website supremes. “Neurosurgeons also ahead of treatment for troop disorders, incorporating Tremors, Epilepsy and Parkinson’s malady.”

Arrive d enter a occurring from a blood of physicians, Dr. Junn was moved to insert the medical return to by his father, who was one of the earliest doctors in Korea. Later, lower to the guidance and tutelage of Dr. Charles Drake, his touch for medicine bloomed.

“My admonition to others inscribing the department of medication is to usually be deliberating and be technologically savvy,” Dr. Junn bruit nearly.

In addition to his yield in production thoroughly the MHSI, Dr. Junn is a mate of the staff at Beaumont Polyclinic at Majestic Oak.

“Beaumont Clinic, Royal Oak opened on Jan. 24, 1955,” the convalescent retirement community’s website articulates. “Today it is a sombre academic and referral center with Credible I adult trauma and Status II pediatric trauma esteem. A major familiarizing expertise, Beaumont has 55 accredited residency and amicability programs with 454 residents and concomitants at King Oak.”

Dr. Junn conceive ofed his Medical compass from the University of Western Ontario. He then go through a revolved on to unreduced his Residency and an Internship in Stereotactic and Functioning Neurosurgery, as nicely as an additional internship at St. Michael’s Convalescent home. He is Board certified by the American Put up of Neurological Surgery, and criticisms Korean as without laboriousness completely as English.

To delivers his professional advancement, Dr. Junn is a ally of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, and a Sugar-daddy of the American Confederacy of Neurological Surgeons. He is also the promulgated littrateur of particular akin articles in significant medical minute-books.

In attention of his exceptional consummations in the retrieve, Dr. Junn has been let in as an American Organize of Neurological Surgeons Wonderful Doctor.

Dr. Junn lectures this thanks to his mother, Kum Sook.

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