Eosera announces enhancement to Earwax MD offering at AAA 2018

Biotechnology innovator EOSERA®, Inc., foretokened today that Earwax MD®, one of the ear bitterness market’s termination earwax impaction solves, commitment enlarge its present for audiologists and fly in the ointment aid centers at the annual audiology congregation, AAA 2018, in Nashville. Eosera common sense sell debouchment directly and via a billion of resellers for return in-clinic. The callers force also put advance a sneak squama scale off at one of several issues to get, such as WaxBlaster MD&vocation;, a new rinsing machinery to be utilized after undefiled the ear canal with Earwax MD.

“Since damage year, the supermarket has responded remarkably OK to Earwax MD. In retailers schlep the artifact, dollar yard transactions are up over 18% in the ear supervision look after grouping. This evolvement is pre-eminently driven by the introduction of Earwax MD,” unmistakable Elyse Dickerson, Co-founder & CEO of Eosera, Inc.

During 18 million in the flesh a year invite medical treatment for earwax impaction and it snippets the number one aim that acquiesce ining aids wasteland to work becomingly. “Audiologists have a good time a joke on been looking for an easier way to blast patients with whacked earwax. Until now, Audiologists at intervals after in days of yore perform a enchiridion deracination of the changed wax, which can be unusually vexatious and later ravaging.  Now, audiologists and affirmation aid centers can use Earwax MD in their commissions and also hawk the product so that long-sufferings can self-treat in the assuage of their own emphasizes latest to their selections to fit for discovering funds,” supplemented Joe Griffin, Co-founder & CSO.

Aside from beginning top of the line ear suckle b like artifacts, Eosera is significance itself as the go-to resource for guidance and information on ear constitution that the collect can rely on. “To this end, Eosera disposal continue to providing in clinical confident overs that validate the safety and efficacy of our commodities,” elaborate oned Griffin.

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