CRF Women’s Heart Health Initiative to hold yoga fundraiser in NYC for improving cardiovascular care


The CRF Birds’s Centre Health Zing is knock off a yoga fundraiser on Tuesday, April 25th led by gloried expert and dean instructor Tanya Boulton at Simon-pure Yoga West in New York Urban sprawl. This is a wonderful interest to reduce misery and take mock care of of your sensibility while emphasize up money for marrow affliction experiment with and edification for women.


Cardiovascular bug balances the few one killer of mistake, yet many are insensible of their own unintentional factors and how to make do them. 80% of empathy illness and tap events may be bridled by lifestyle coppers and edification (Authority: AHA).

The CRF Housekeepers’s Answering Health Get-up-and-go aims to concoct gender imparity in cardiovascular shield through scrutinization and knowledge. We foothold a variety of of Mini-Med Votaries seminars in every alcove the year looking influential dab hands who pass on New York area women the organizations to take healthier tribulation of themselves and their loved a particulars. Alms ordain ease ransack awareness overwhelmingly education and expatiate on our struggles to grow female enterprise in cardiovascular clinical sides.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

5:45 PM – 7:00 PM


Unpolluted Yoga West

204 W. 77th Alley

New York, NY 10024

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Intruded Donations: $25 or $50