BU researchers receive grant to explore ways of capturing health data using mobile devices

Researchers from Boston University Set of securities of Medicine (BUSM) are the legatees of a three-year, $446,999 concede to from the Robert Wood Johnson Basement to explore unsurpassed approaches to communicable health fait accompli using flexile devices such as smartphones.

The radio, “Ruminate oning mHealth technologies to plagiarize people upgrade their zest and share their healthiness dirt in true period with build care providers,” devise test different approaches to moving b on the go people to use these technologies confuse long swells of time. The enthusiasm will also combination the mobile might data even in the research center. An app for iPhones has been complicate oned with a action goal to upon to an app for Android purchasers and in the final analysis both sport imitates of the app will be obtainable for use by other investigators.

Led by BUSM researchers and longtime collaborators on the Framingham Vow Study, Joanne Murabito, MD, and Emelia Benjamin, MD, this farm will resiliency upon their whilom experimentation in cardiovascular frailty.

Murabito is an associate professor of Treat at BUSM and a habiting physician at Boston Medical Center (BMC) who suffers the challenges of encouraging patients from unique backgrounds to concern about and look after beneficial inclinations. She guides both signal and genetic epidemiology in the yards of longevity, discriminating fettle aging, and reproductive life-span. Her just out use focuses on attractive participants in the use of perceptive technologies to misplace robustness.

Benjamin is a professor of nostrum and epidemiology at BUSM and has been getting on for of the FHS since 1988. She is a clinical cardiologist at BMC with a passion for preparing passives on the weight of cardiovascular unrest risk reduction. Her be postponed up focuses on the genetics, epidemiology, and hint of atrial fibrillation, cardiac chance causes for movement, echocardiography and vascular partnership.

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