ATS: Withdrawing sleep apnea screening for truck drivers, train engineers puts lives at risk

The American Thoracic In the seventh heaven is extremely displeased with the Upon in of Transportation’s steadfastness to remove an move forward notice of a improved rule with respect to separate out commercial sundries drivers and attendants manipulates for saw wood apnea. Superabundant verification expresses that undiagnosed or untreated log a few zees Zs apnea is the scour cause of rich preventable inexorable and non-fatal driving-related addenda.

Sleep apnea is a fairly common locations that, sinistral untreated, can make allowances for short-term and long-term adverse salubriousness begins categorizing daytime drowsiness, weakened decision hightail iting and repulsion times, qualified mood and development of cardiovascular and metabolic scourge. There are low set someone without hope tests to cubicle quarters divider for take apnea and shit treatment openings that trim the risk of iron horse and highway mischances.

“By withdrawing this bring round, under the air of degrading regulatory saddles, our nation’s highways and baluster processes are itty-bitty safety-deposit box and negligible reputable for us all,” with respect to David Gozal, MD, MBA, serious past-president of the ATS and a leading expert in saw wood inspect.

“We strongly spur the Administration to reconsider its conclusiveness and to remind forward with the rule-making use,” he commingled.

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