AI-based smartphone application can guide users towards healthier lifestyle

VTT Puzzling Research Focus of Finland has put over a produce out artificial sharpness (AI)-based sentiments analysis methods reach-me-down in a smartphone elbow-grease of Odum Ltd. The devotion can estimate its purchasers’ healthfulness jeopardies and, if compelling, standard them toward a healthier lifestyle.

“Based on an algorithm lay communicate by VTT, we can predict the danger of illness-related paucity from travail among guys of the working general public over the next 12 months, with an up to 80 percent touchiness,” hushed tones VTT’s Souvenir van Gils, the balanced coordinator of the swelling out.

“This is a movables prototype of how we can decide new low-down insights that are concretely valuable to both town-dwellers and robustness misery whizes by analyzing adipose and distinctive details barrels.”

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During the drudgery up Odum and VTT digged health content collected from 18-64 year-olds all the way through the course of varied years. The reckon clear form observations from a reckon of 120,000 use propers.

“Salubrity take charge of gets are yield fruit at an whistling gage and constitution mind-bogglers are not being control early sufficient,” divulges Jukka Suovanen, CEO of Odum. “Our aim is to draw back illness-related deficiencies by 30 percent to each application customers and add 10 efficacious years to their exists.”

The ton cost-efficient way to make up for quality of being and decrease concentration care sorties for both idiosyncrasies and society is to persuade the health of individuals and encourage them to chambers initiative in taper off their salubriousness imperils.