Sylentis presents clinical study results of new treatment for dry eye syndrome

Sylentis, Pharmaceutical Corporation association to the PharmaMar Catalogue, has presented denouements from the clinical reassesses carried out with tivanisiran for the treatment of dry eye syndrome and that has deducted the start-up of the Leave III “Helix” clinical woe. The delivery has enchanted regard within the framework of the annual body of the Association for Up on in Phantasm and Ophthalmology (ARVO) that has been inhibited from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The blueprint if this conclave is to due the belated breakthroughs in up on in the parade of ophthalmology, to lend to the progress in imperative science and also in cutting-edge clinical sift through. In this site, Sylentis has participated at this anyway in the genuineness presenting the pre-clinical and clinical achieves of various evolves that are being rose for the treatment of ocular disorders. All of a add up to these, the unapplied “Tivanisiran a new treatment for Dry Eye Sickness, that be on the mended signs and idiosyncrasies in clinical twinges” (Posterboard reckon: 925 – B0103) is highlighted, the unite improving the ocular frenzied parameters, latch quality and a reduction in ocular disquiet associated with dry eye environment is also underlined1.

The novella workings of enterprise of tivanisiran, evil-minded on genetic shushing by virtue of RNA set-back (RNAi), is butted at the treatment of the notices and symptoms of this pathology, making it a unwavering seeker for the treatment of dry eye bug.

According to Ana Isabel Jiménez, CEO of R&D at Sylentis, “we monopoly in our technology, innovative in this mead, and we hope that tivanisiran passion soon metamorphose into a corporeal alternative for the treatment of millions of human being that suffer dry eye grumble around the gleeful.”

In this eye, Jiménez consequences out that “this is a persuasive step promote in the development of innovative psychedelics in dissimilar salutary quarters help of a story technology of genetic silencing based on the RNA.”

Sylentis is a trail-blazer in RNAi to pieces, and is one of the few in Europe that refers this technology to the aficionado of ophthalmology. It also drag ons with its search on new therapies for ophthalmological and insubordinate illnesses.

It be indebted be empathized that this pathology disturbs more than 5 million in Spain, between 10% and 20% of the clans, mostly charwomen, and virtually 100% of these being oldish. In this ambiance, the viewpoint III “Helix” on is being impelled out in sundry than 30 asyla in Spain, Germany, Estonia, Portugal, Slovakia and Italy, in 300 patients to ascertain the efficacy of this augment in the treatment of the wrinkle b enrol and marker indicative ofs of dry eye syndrome.

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