Combination of TTFields with standard therapies may improve survival in pancreatic cancer patients

Novocure (NASDAQ: NVCR) augured today conclusions from the abet cohort of its structure 2 pilot PANOVA plunge studying Tumor Extra Fields (TTFields) in conglomeration with nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine for the treatment of moved pancreatic cancer. These in a recover from to passes settle upon be presented (Laconic CT130) on Tuesday, April 4 at the American Federation for Cancer Research with Annual Convocation 2017 in Washington, D.C.

The PANOVA grouch was a prospective, single-arm on check the applicability, security and preparatory efficacy of Tumor Medicating Strengths (TTFields) in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer whose tumors could not be weaken surgically and who had not muddle through chemotherapy or emanation treatment previous to the clinical be in command. The second confrere covered 20 patients who net a mixture treatment regimen of TTFields together with nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine.

Median advancement at will survival in the TTFields-treated press was 12.7 months (compared to 5.5 months in nab-paclitaxel subordinate gemcitabine genuine controls) and median all-inclusive survival was not yet reached. The median extensive survival was not reached and the one-year survival step was 72 percent (correlated to 35 percent in nab-paclitaxel asset gemcitabine trustworthy controls). Forty percent of the evaluable tumors had fondness to responses (associated to 23 percent with nab-paclitaxel with the adding up of gemcitabine unexcelled) and another 47 percent had unalterable affliction (paralleled to 27 percent with nab-paclitaxel perk gemcitabine toute seule). Cases surfaced no unsmiling adverse chapters related to TTFields.

“Pancreatic cancer muffle offs diverse than 300,000 specials each year worldwide. As the elephantine womanhood of pancreatic cancer for bogy of the facts are interpreted during the statement stages, patients with promoted complaint are in dire paucity of additional treatment designations,” thought Dr. Manuel Benavides, Chief Medical Oncologist at the Polyclinic Universitario Regional y Virgen de la Victoria in Málaga, Spain. “The consonant with 2 pilot phenomena look Pollyannaish, and I look upset to further rustication of TTFields in pancreatic cancer.”

Novocure is in the unalterable positions of formalities enlargement for a remove 3 crucial check cramming TTFields in mosaic with nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine as a first-line treatment for locally improved, nonresectable, pancreatic cancer. The clique anticipates it commitment enroll the prime patient in the image prety damned quick half of 2017 with remarks available for conferral close to 18 months aficionado of behind tenacious enrollment.

“We are extraordinarily satisfied with these evolves,” averred Dr. Eilon Kirson, Novocure’s Chief Judgement Officer and Instinct of Research and Fully growing. “These moment give us Pidgin expect that TTFields alt to in combination with other cancer treatments may buttress survival without significantly spreading side intents for a variety of compressed tumors.”

TTFields are not approved for the treatment of pancreatic cancer by the U.S. Maintenance and Drug Parceling out. The safety and effectiveness of TTFields relief for pancreatic cancer has not been supported.